APA Book of Shadows:
Rituals, Workings, Magick, and Spells

Every solitary practitioner and pagan group has their own spells, rituals, celebrations, customs and traditions. The rituals and spells included here are but a smapling of the ones used within the APA and by its members.


Morning Ritual
Perform this at your altar, a shrine or prayer table, or any peaceful private place in your home.

  • Light a candle and incense, if desired.
  • Center yourself by taking deep breaths or through visualization.
  • Read a daily devotional if desired.
  • Focus on the coming day and what you hope to accomplish during the day. Visualize your needs being met and thank the gods in advance for their protection and assistance. Name any particular gods to invoke their energies.Say Goddess Beads, if desired.
  • Jot down any thoughts in your prayer journal, if you keep one.
  • Extinguish the candle and incense.

Blessing Ritual
This can be used for yourself or any other person who desires a blessing. You will need a candle for yourself and one for each person being blessed; incense(Frankincense or Myrrh, preferably); as well as a quantity of scented oil for annointing.(The oil can be unscented if you prefer.)
  • Light incense and candle(s).
  • Focus your energy by thinking or speaking of the need and/or desire for blessing.
  • Hold the container of oil in both hands, and charge the oil by blowing 3 breaths into the oil while focused on blessing.
    • Annoint the feet, saying: Bless my feet, that they walk the Goddess' path.
    • Annoint the knees, saying: Bless my knees, that I always bend to give thanks to the Gods.
    • Annoint the hips/root chakra, saying: Bless my sexuality, that my passion be for the Light.
    • Annoint the navel, saying: Bless my Center, that it may keep my focus.
    • Annoint the back, saying: Bless my back, may it remain straight and strong.
    • Annoint the shoulders, saying: Bless my shoulders, to carry my burdens with grace.
    • Annoint the hands, saying: Bless my hands, that they do the will of the gods.
    • Annoint the chest, saying: Bless my chest, that my breath of life remain strong.
    • Annoint the heart, saying: Bless my heart, may it beat with love.
    • Annoint the neck, saying: Bless my words, may they be fair and true.
    • Annoint the forehead, saying: Bless my mind as it rules my being.
  • Focus upon the blessing asked, visualizing the entire body bathed in pure, glowing light.
  • Say: I have asked the blessing of the gods upon me(or the name of the person receiving the blessing). So mote it be.
  • Extinguish the candle and incense if desired.

Simple Animal Healing Candle Spell
By Deandra Halliwell (C)

1 Brown Candle
coriander and sandlewood incense

To be performed at night
During Waning moon phase when you have a pet or familliar that needs healing.

Burn coriander and sandlewood incense, light a brown candle. Concentrate on the flame of the candle and say,

Power of Light
Power of Healing
On this Night
With all my Feeling
Make feel
my Healing Power
and start to recover
within this hour.

So mote it be!

Concentrate on the flame and feel your healing energy, go to your pet or familliar. Let the candle burn out.

We will be providing more general rituals in this area soon. Please check back!

Workings and Spells

Casting spells requires an understanding of magick and the rules that apply to working with magickal energy. From a simple charm to bring luck to a complex healing, an awareness of and respect for magickal energies is necessary. What we will provide here are some basic candle magick spells and personal and home protections that can be done by anyone. We strongly encourage anyone wishing to practice magick to study and understand what they are doing before beginning spellwork of any kind. Our members are always available to answer questions - see the link at the bottom of this page on how to contact us.
See the Grimoire section Circle Casting for more information on beginning spellwork.


As you study and explore spellcraft, you will notice that many references exist for attributes of things like colors, stones, herbs, directions, seasons and even times of day. Much of this information may be conflicting, although some ancient knowledge has been passed down faithfully and is still valid and accurate. What we will provide here are links to the different energies that are used in spellcraft and their commonly accepted meanings or uses. Remember that everything is presented as a suggestion - the only way to really know if a correspondence is correct for you is to try it and see how it feels.
Correspondences for Colors • Crystals and Stones • Herbs, Plants and Trees • Directions, Seasons and Time • Moon Phases • and more are currently included in the Grimoire section.

For further reference, this website has wonderful links to all sorts of interesting and useful Pagan, Wiccan and New Age sites: Pagan Resources

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