APA Book of Shadows:
Ethics, Laws and Rules

Every coven or group needs a set of ethics, or standards by which to operate. APA shares many ethics with other Pagans, though some will apply only to us. These were created by the founding Prietessses and are based on our shared ideals and goals for the APA.


  • We revere the Goddess and the God, in all aspects and guises.
  • What is done, returns to the doer threefold.
  • The Earth is our home and thus commands our care and respect.
  • APA accepts all who wish to be members; we do not discriminate.
  • Meetings and gatherings are open to all, including the press and those who may not share our views.
  • We will teach what we know freely to any who desire instruction.
  • APA will not engage in ritual drug use or sexual activity as we promote the involvement of families and children.

Laws and Rules

  • We will honor the Sabbats to the best of our ability.
  • The Gods and Goddesses do not require the use of blood, pain or suffering, drug use, or sexual activities in worship. APA will not participate in or sanction these activities.
  • We will not prosetylize or evangelize, but we will defend our rights to worship as we please.
  • APA supports religious freedom for all persons.

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