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.__.DEAR JANE.__.

This lovely lady, is the Mother of my friend Peggy! She holds a very special place in my heart...reserved for her...and her alone! She has always opened her home to me...her heart, her family, her loyalty, her understanding, and her respect! Even when I may not have deserved it!

She was silently tolerant of childishness in my youth, gently protective in my young adulthood, openly supportive and complimentary in my thirties, and forties...and seems astonished to see the half-century mark arrive for both Peggy, and myself! "We made it Mom"...a little tattered at times, far, the "richer" for learning life's lessons...whether painful, perplexing, or joyous!

It is difficult to express the gratitude, and love that I have for Jane, and her entire family! They accepted me into their family, like one of their own! I always felt that I "belonged"... with no stipulations, and with total acceptance! Is it any wonder that I would find my "life-long best friend" amongst such people? I think not!!!

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Ebb Tide

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