so.. am i a novelty yet?

saturday, august 17, 2002
GET OUT! [accompanied with a shove] because i'm obviously elaine. and according to caleb, i'm OBVIOUSLY blossom. anyways, i'll be gone til i think wednesday morning. thass alrigh' cuz im still flyyyyy in my new e-class shizzle, i'm just kidding. so uda says this girl jo is like me ey? well, i'll dynamic HER! im dropping by harvard, mit, and upenn. i'll be online a little bit while i'm there so you guys can tell me if you want anything. school starts on monday! oh man, i'm missing precious time with college freshmen. shizzle.
03:03 pm

thursday, august 15, 2002
today i have to run so many errands. wednesday, isaac, ray and john ko came over and we went to vernon hills showplace 8 because we're cheap and then since we were over there anyways.. might as well end up at dan s's right? tuesday was carrie's birthday. i went to visit my grandma, signed up for my harper class, picked up presents, and then headed over to her party. of course there was a cake fight. SCREAMING VIKING!

still not one? dizzam