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Canzonetta Sull'Aria

Opera and Broadway CD Reviews
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Welcome! You have found my site of Opera and Broadway CD Reviews. If you're a repeat visitor, you'll notice the title has changed to reflect the new Opera content. Read about the changes here. Change is good.

This site serves two purposes. First, it provides a resource for other music fans who want to know what others think about a certain recording, whether because they're thinking of buying it or because they're just curious. Second, it's a fun way for me to rant a little. ;-)

Always keep in mind that I am only stating my opinions, and you have every right to disagree. I have tried to be polite and somewhat objective in all of my reviews, but if I didn't like something, I said so. Period. I'm perfectly aware that other people may have differing opinions; please don't get offended with me. If you want to discuss something I've said, email me! I'm always up for some online give-and-take. (A note to the reader.)

Because the site originally dealt only with Broadway CDs, the Broadway and Opera reviews are found in separate sections of the site which can be accessed by clicking on the links above. Within their sections, the reviews have been organized by Title, Artist, and Composer. The opera reviews are also listed by Conductor. Both lists include reviews of a few videos.

You can return to this page at any time by clicking "Home" on the navigation bar you will see at the top of your screen on all other pages.

PLEASE - if you find any mistakes or any dead links on my site, let me know!!!

If you enjoyed this site (or even if you didn't), the following links may be of interest:

The Musical Cast Album Database - Offers an extremely comprehensive list of musical cast albums. I find it very helpful when I want to look up how many albums a certain artist has performed on, how many albums exist of a certain show, or how many cast albums exist in a certain language.

Dictionary of Recorded Opera - A database of opera recordings searcheable by Composer, Title, Conductor, Singer, and Character. I've found it extremely useful.

The Collector's Guide to Opera Recordings and Videos - An extremely informative website with one person's "top picks" for a list of major operas. I've discovered a few favorites thanks to this site.

200 Opera e-Libretti - Links to online librettos. Some have English translations (as well translations into other languages) which I've found quite helpful if I don't have a libretto for what I'm listening to.


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