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Canzonetta Sull'Aria

Opera CDs

This section is what prompted the new title. Originally intended as a small side section to the Musical Theater site, this just sort of grew until it equalled the original site before I'd even uploaded it. (Read more about this.)

I'm still more or less getting my feet wet in this genre, although I'm not entirely green anymore. I've read a few books about opera, so I had a starting point. I also tend to look online and let the opinions of others guide me when I'm looking for new stuff to listen to. This doesn't mean I necessarily end up sharing their opinions. Although I will admit that since I'm still fairly new, all my opinions are subject to change at any moment. Keep that in mind.

As regards titles - I've heard different things from different sources on the question of whether or not you should refer to a work by its original title in its original language. Certainly people would think you a bit nutty if you went around touting the strong points of "All Women Behave Like That." But on the other hand, English speakers commonly refer to "The Magic Flute" and "The Marriage of Figaro," and you can sound pretty snobby if you insist on saying "Die Zauberflöte." However, since this site is meant to be read, I've opted to stick with the original language thing. I don't mean to sound like a snob and rest assured, I call it "The Magic Flute" when I'm talking about it, just like everyone else. :-) If it annoys you, put it down to the fact that languages fascinate me. (Yes, I realize this is kind of a trivial point.)

With that said, enjoy the reviews, and please also visit the Broadway part of this site!

For a bit of background, you can read the story of how I became interested in opera in the first place.