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A Note to the Reader

This is just a little FYI to help you understand the reviews better. If you look around this site, you'll notice that I have mostly positive reviews and use a lot of positive adjectives. I'd just like to mention the reasons for this:

1. I do not have oodles of free time. In fact I'm quite busy. Unless I have actual, passionate feelings against an album, it's boring to write about it. I'd rather use my time to talk about CDs and movies I liked. (That's why the negative and so-so reviews tend to be shorter, too.)

2. I don't like bashing or insulting people. I appreciate how difficult their jobs are. So while I'm up front about what I don't like, I try to phrase it in the best possible way. ("Performer X's voice is ill-suited to this role's range" than "Performer X sucked big-time and screeched all the high notes.") There's a delicate balance between stating your opinion and being offensive. I'm trying to avoid the latter. Also, I try to find a few positive things about albums I didn't like, because very few recordings are entirely terrible.

3. And yes, I will admit this. I'm relatively easy to please. If something's done decently I tend to like it, and I tend to be forgive a recording's flaws in light of its successes. I also tend to overlook something bad if it was an interesting experiment. Notice that I'm not saying I have no judgement or no sense of what is good and what isn't, merely that my taste encompasses a wide range of talents and interpretations.