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About the Changes

Just a few comments on why I felt the changes were appropriate.

When I first conceived the idea of adding opera reviews to the site, I was only intending to post a few. But as I get more and more into opera, I find myself neglecting Broadway recordings. Making the opera section a significant part of the site just made more sense; that way, I can keep on reviewing what I'm listening to.

Personally, I like the new color scheme. (Well, duh. I designed it.) I've always felt slightly dissatisfied with the original layout. It worked, but I felt that the reviews were a little hard to read, and sometimes I would look at the colors and think, "Eeew." The new layout is more representative of my own personality. Plus, it's much easier for me to read, so I'm hoping others will find it improved as well.

I think everyone will agree that the original title - "The Musical Theater CD Review Website" was too much of a mouthful. If you say it out loud it even sounds kind of pompous, as if it should have a federally approved acronym. I thought a shorter, memorable title suited the site much better. "Canzonetta sull'aria," the opening to a beautiful duet in Mozart's Le Nozze di Figaro, just popped into my head one day, possibly through divine inspiration. ;) In case you're wondering, it translates to "A song on the breeze." (Even if you're not into opera, you may have heard it somewhere - for example, it's the piece the main character puts over the loudspeaker in The Shawshank Redemption.)

I'd love feedback about the new look, so if you have something to say - even if you just want to say you like it or you hate it - please email me! I'm serious.