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                       SARGENT FAMILY HISTORY
                            BY GEORGE!
This is a brief history of a Sargent family which has its roots in Sussex,England, and has branched out to many parts of the world. You are welcome to e-mail the author, Marion Sargent, with any comments, corrections or additions.
The page is still under construction, and further links will be added at a later date.

         * Introduction 

         * Genealogy of the Sargent family 

         * George Sargent and Ann Wood 

         * Ebenezer Sargent and Esther Hewlett 

         * George Eliel Sargent and Emma Hewlett 

         * George Hewlett Sargent and Bessie Dodd

         * George Newton Sargent and Ruth Dodgshun

         * Eric George Sargent and Barbara Briggs

         * Marion Sargent 

Bessie Sargent with children Newton, Amy and Myra c. 1879
             PLACES IN ENGLAND                             PLACES IN AUSTRALIA
          * Battle                                                              Tasmania                    Western Australia
          * Canterbury
          * Eythorne                                                       * Launceston               * York
          * Henley-on-Thames                                        * Wynyard
          * Oxford
          * Whitfield

* George Eliel Sargent's Books

         * Links to other sites

Compiled by Marion Sargent
Launceston, Tasmania, Australia

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  First published 28 November 1998. Last updated 21 June 2009