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                    SARGENT FAMILY HISTORY
Battle, Sussex, England

By Marion Sargent

Battle is situated six miles north west of Hastings.   It is  well worth a visit for its olde  worlde  charm.   The main  attractions are the ruins of the Benedictine  abbey and  the   famous  battlefield of  1066.  The  abbey  was   founded by William of Normandy to commemorate his victory in  the  battle between his knights and the followers  of the  Saxon,  King Harold,  who lost his life here with an arrow through one eye.

In  1833 Battle was described as a market-town consisting of one street.   Even then the abbey was a ruin and there was  little  to claim attention,  according  to  Gorton's Topographical  Dictionary.   A monthly  market and cattle fairs  were  held here and a number of  gun-powder  mills were located in the neighbourhood.
Ann  Wood  (1776-1857),   wife  of  the  first George Sargent (1774-1861),  was  born  and raised in or near Battle.   She was employed as a cook at Ashburnham Place, a few miles to the west of Battle. She married George on 18 Jan 1798. They had ten children, all of whom were born in Battle.

George was a draper or clothier at 51 High Street, Battle. The residence would have been on the same premises. George died in Priory Road, Hastings, in 1861.

There is an interesting article in This England, Winter 1992 pages 74 and 75,  entitled "St Peter's,  Ashburnham, Sussex:  Memorial to an Extinguished Line".  This focuses on  the  church,   but  does  give  some  information  on Ashburnham  Place  and   the  Ashburnham  family.

A  notebook  which belonged to Obeithio Sargent  has  the entry:  Mr B. Sargent, 5 Weston Avenue, Battle. We do not know who this man was.

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