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George Sargent and Ann Wood

By Marion Sargent

George Sargent was born on 29 March 1774 at Hastings, Sussex, England. According to family legend Ann Wood  (1776-1857)  was a cook at  a  large  house, possibly  Ashburnham Place,  which is located a few miles west of Battle, famous for the Battle of Hastings in 1066.  When Ann supposedly became pregnant to the master of the house she married  George Sargent to maintain her respectability.

But this story has been thrown into some doubt according to new information that has come to hand from a cousin in New Zealand. He confirms that George and Ann were married on 18 January 1798 and that their first child Ann was born 10 months later. It is George's parentage which is in some doubt. His mother was Elizabeth Williams (born 1753), but was his father really Stephen Sargent R.N. of H.M.S. Mars?

Apparently George had a sister Elizabeth Sargent born in Hastings in 1780. She married Daniel Paine of Deptford and they had five children - Elizabeth, Mary, Daniel, Susanna and Anne.

George was a draper or clothier. He had a shop at 51 High Street, Battle. His son Joseph took over the business when he retired.

It seems that the marriage was a successful one;   George and Ann had  ten children. According to Emma Mary Byles in her  Family Notes  written in 1926  "they were all handsome,  and all clever in different ways.   One ...  was very musical;  another drew and painted  and also dabbled in astrology;  another was a  preacher; and  yet another a lawyer."  My ancestor,  George  Eliel,  was  a writer.   The lawyer was Ebenezer. George died in Priory Road, Hastings, on 26 November 1861. Ann died a few years earlier on 18 April 1857.

Their daughter Myra lived with her parents until she died just three months before her father. The family attended the Zion Baptist Chapel in Battle.

These are their ten children:

1. Ann Sargent, Born 17 Nov 1798, Battle,Sussex
Died 15 Dec 1890, Kings Norton
Married 14 Nov 1838, Battle
Henry Selmes, Born 18 Mar 1812
Died 23 Dec 1869, Birmingham

2. Mercy Sargent, Born 10 July 1800, Battle, Sussex
Died 24 Sep 1867, Waltham Abbey, Essex
Married 30 Oct 1823, Battle
Samuel Boys Pugh, Born 28 Apr 1798, Lewes, Sussex
Died 24 Aug 1875, Waltham Abbey, Essex
Draper and clothier. They had 11 children.

3. Mary Sargent, Born 3 Sep 1802, Battle, Sussex
Married 5 Jul 1826, Battle
Henry Funnell, Born 19 Dec 1799, Park Farm,Chiddingly, Sussex
Died Apr 1876, Long Island, NY
They migrated to USA 1840-41 and lived in Cold Springs Bay. They had 13 children.

4. John Sargent, Born 8 May 1804, Battle, Sussex
Died 22 Mar 1894, New Wandsworth, buried Morden
Married 13 Dec 1832, Ashburnham Church
Ann Beeny, Born 3 Sep 1811, Crowhurst, Sussex
Died 6 Oct 1888, Notting Hill
They had eight children.

5. Ebenezer Sargent, Born 7 June 1806, Battle, Sussex
Died 12 April 1879, Kings Norton, Worcester. Buried Wilton Cemetery, Birmingham
Married 16 June 1841, St Martin, Birmingham, Warwickshire
Esther Beuzeville Hewlett, Born 23 Sep 1818, Oxford
Died 1902
They had 10 children.

6. George Eliel Sargent, Born 2 Jan 1809, Battle, Sussex
Died 23 July 1883, Dalston, London, buried Eythorne Baptist Church, Kent
Author and editor for the Religious Tract Society
Married 12 Sep 1837, New Road Baptist Church, Oxford
Emma Hewlett, Born 3 Jan 1814, Oxford
Died 13 Mar 1890, Dalston, London, buried Eythorne Baptist Church, Kent
Authoress. They had nine children.

7. Myra Sargent, Born 29 Dec 1810, Battle, Sussex
Died 19 August 1861, Battle

8. Daniel Sargent, Born 18 Jan 1813, Battle, Sussex
Died 3 Sep 1836, Oxford

9. Joseph Ebenezer Sargent, Born 27 June 1816, Battle, Sussex
Died 27 August 1876, Birmingham
Married 4 Apr 1861
Sarah Neale

10. Jabez Benjamin Sargent, Born 29 Feb 1824, Battle, Sussex
Watchmaker, St Martin, Birmingham
Married 31 Jul 1847
Agnes Adelaide Dobell, Born 1828, Cranbrook, Kent

Esther  and  Emma Hewlett were sisters,  descended through  their mother,  Esther Beuzeville, from French Huguenot families.  For a comprehensive  account  of the Hewlett,  Roussel  and  Beuzeville families  see  Marion  Clark's web page.

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