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                      SARGENT FAMILY HISTORY
              Launceston, Tasmania, Australia

By Marion Sargent

Launceston  is  an attractive city located on  the  Tamar River  in northern Tasmania.   The population in 1891 was 17,208 and by 1911 had risen to 20,754.  This flourishing city  boasted  a grand new museum,  post office  and  the Albert  Hall,  all completed in 1891.   In this year also  the  Mechanics'  Institute became  the Launceston  Public Library.   This  progressive city was home to the Sargent family for 21 years.

Sargent residences  and businesses in Launceston:
   1890-1893    205 Wellington St (house and fruit shop) now Toddle Inn
   1892-1893    68 Frankland St (house)
   1894-1895    200  Charles St (grocery shop) now Coles Supermarket carpark
   1896-1897    160 Bathust St (house and shop)
   1898-1900    "Worthing" 8 Welman St (house)
   1902-1903    27 Esplanade (planing and moulding mills)
   1900-1904    9 French St (house)
   1905-1906    52 Lyttelton St (house)
   1906             169 St John St (house)
   1909-1910    193 George St (house)
George  Newton  Sargent  built the  following  houses  in Launceston:
   1899    66   Wellington  St,   owner  William   A.   Brown (demolished)
   1900    34 Abbott St, owner W. Thurman
   1901    16 Stone St, owner F. Rawson
   1902    14 Keane St, owners G.N. Sargent and G. Bennett
   1902    12 Mulgrave St, owner T.L. Laurence
   1902    16 Portland St, owner P.Pike (demolished)

G.N.Sargent  also built a bedroom for the night nurse  at the  Launceston Homoeopathic Hospital,  172 St  John  St, Launceston in 1901.   It was a weatherboard building with brick  foundations,  and had just one room 15 by 12 feet with one window and door.   The price of construction was 45 pounds. It has been demolished.

The Dodgshun Connection
George Newton Sargent's wife,  Ruth Dodgshun, was born in Launceston  in  1891.    These  are  the  residences  and businesses for the Dodgshun family:
Joseph Dodgshun senior (Ruth's grandfather):

Nov 1890-Jan 1899          "Ashfield", St Leonards

Charles Dodgshun (Ruth's father):

1889-1891/92    "Victoria Terrace", 7 Welman St
1892-1900         "Mellerstane", Abbott St (between David and Campbell Streets)

 Joseph Dodgshun junior (Ruth's uncle):

 1894/95-1899     11 Stewart St


The  Dodgshuns were wholesale clothing manufacturers  and warehousemen supplying the trade with soft goods, general fancy  goods,  boots  and  shoes, clothing,  artificial flowers and wigs. They were also wool buyers.

From about 1881 the Dodgshun companies had warehouses and factories  at  various locations  in  York  Street.  The 1896/97 Tasmanian Post Office Directory has internal and external photographs of  their warehouse  at  91-93 York Street,  which has  since  been demolished.

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