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....To my little black hole in cyberspace. This site is inspired by my passion for The X Files and MillenniuM. These two masterpieces of Chris Carters lit a fire in me that I feel I must bring to the world. Much as the Raven, in Native American teachings, stole the Sun and the Moon from one who would keep the world in Darkness and brought Light to the world. You will see facits of Chris Carters vision as you progress through this site, the way light flashes from the facits of a crystal. Prepare to be dazzeled!

Click above for Millennium - Apocalypse. The only web-based movie done by the fans of Millennium! I was actualy fortunate enough to write several parts of this, as well as have a recurring role in it. Now, the first episode is here! The Time Is Now!

The latest Millennium news & the hottest Millennium links, right here at your fingertips!

Click below to enter "This Is Who We Are", the only message dedicated to keeping "Millennium" alive! Look around, and then join us in keeping Millennium's memory alive.
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Remember MillenniuM, "The Mikado"? Now...see how it all started. "The Zodiac". Starting this March!

MillenniuM on DVD.....

Please vist Millennium Desktop and The Millennial Abyss for details.

Click here for the official site for "Millennium - Apocalypse"

This is a page with great links to X-Files and Millennium sites, plus quotes and images from the shows.

The Truth IS out there.... You just have to know where to look!

We hold the future in our hands. "Who's gonna see a different future?"

Who can we trust?

What does the future hold?

What do YOU belive?

This is who we are...
If you'd like to know more about the mad woman who created this site, and read some of my fan-fiction, check out the page Erin McRaven. I have one story complete... "MillenniuM-The Guidestones", a poem/song called "Darkness Falls",and will soon be working on another, "Millennium-Anasazi". Plus, there is a link to my friend's (and partner in crime) site, so please visit it as well. This is who we are....
(This site is a dedication to 10-13 productions, and no copyright infringment is intended. Quotes and images from The X Files and Millennium are the property of FOX.)

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