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Welcome to our coven's webpage.
We are a thread of the Living Tapestry Tradition, a fairly new but growing Wiccan family
located in Richmond, Indiana.
In these pages you will find information about our coven, the tradition,
our members, local resources and more.
Please stay awhile and browse our home on the web,
(you will find navigation buttons below)
and for further information or questions, scroll down and click below to send e-mail.
Also, don't forget to scroll down and leave us a message to say hello
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LTC does not necessarily endorse or support
any of the ads you see on the
top of our pages. That's the downfall
of using free webspace.

Bright Blessings!

New! Core Beliefs of the Living Tapestry Tradition
(A work in progress):
Click here to read

This isn't related to our circle,
but it could be of interest
to Witches in the area:

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