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Further Information About Our Coven

Parts taken from our coven document "Intro and Overview of LTC"
which was adapted and revised from CML, a Thread of LTT.


(This document will provide more specific information about our coven's practices)

Living Tapestry Circle is a teaching coven within a traditional framework.
Training takes place through meetings/workshops, hands on experience, more formal classes,
individual exploration and academic work.
For those seeking a degree as a Priest or Priestess, we provide a path
of learning, mentoring, and the opportunity to practice techniques and conduct rituals with support
and guidance. We offer a structured degree path and the freedom
to explore spiritual practices for yourself.


There are four degrees in LTC, not counting candidacy,
which comes first. The order is thus:

Neophyte: Characterized by the white cord and associated with East
Student: Characterized by the red cord and associated with South
Priest/Priestess: Characterized by the blue cord and associated with West
High Priest/High Priestess: Characterized by the black cord and associated with North

Each degree must be held for at least
a year and a day before the next elevation can take place,
though it is not uncommon for people to take a little longer to get through the requirements for each step.

Candidacy is the first step in which a person begins
learning the basics of our version of the Craft and the particulars of our coven/tradition.
No initiation takes place at this point. It is a year and a day long so as to give
everyone the ability to get to know each other. The coven evaluates the candidate and the candidate
evaluates the coven. It's important to make sure that everyone is comfortable with one another and things are a good match
so as to maintain the close knit family atmosphere of the group, and to preserve
the ritual effectiveness of the coven. Candidates will be assigned a mentor, work through requirements, attend rituals
and other functions, as well as take a Wicca 101 class.
Everyone must start here, regardless of previous involvement with Wicca, as often new candidates come into
the group in a cohort, and it's an important adjustment period.

The requirements in the Neophyte degree involve expanding upon the knowledge acquired
as a candidate, as well as fostering more self sufficiency and exploration
in Wicca. Neophytes also are assigned a second, different mentor for this year.
Requirements during Student degree involve stepping up the hands on training and
will include intense practicals with a wide variety of metaphysical projects.
Requirements during Priest/ess degree involve practical training in clergical practices
as well as a lot of work with an inward focus, ending up ideally in
elevation to the final degree of High Priest/ess.
Each degree ends in an examination, which differs in form and function each time,
and never is a person on their own throughout the training.
Support from all coveners and guidance from clergy is always present and available.
Responsibilities in group work increase with each elevation as well.


Beyond training, our coven meets once a month for ritual observances and celebration.
Duties for preparing and leading ritual rotate among initiated members,
which gives our rituals variety and novelty. The focus of our rituals most often revolves around
attuning ourselves with the natural rhythms in our environment, self transformation and growth,
and perhaps most importantly connecting with and honoring the Deities of the Occassion.
Everyone participates in group ritual, regardless of degree or experience in one way or another.
Wicca is not a spectator sport.

We do not follow a particular pantheon or cultural tradition as a group.
Individuals throughout their training are encouraged to research
(as well as share research with the rest of the group,
but that's a different topic) these things and find what works best for them.
This we believe is one of the strengths of our group.
Individuals each bring a different focus and flavor into the group, diversifying
our knowledge and practices. We do not encourage however, the idea of "using"
a different Deity or cultural tradition for the purpose of one ritual
without being familiar with the Deity or culture first, and we
strive to keep symbols and practices coherent in each ritual.

Our methods of practice, though always following a similar format developed
over time, vary a bit depending on the purpose of the ritual.
We teach shamanic methods of journeying and self exploration, as well as
magical methods more reminiscent of traditional ceremonial practices. Music
is considered a very important part of our spiritual experiences,
and the group often utilizes drumming, chanting, dance and song in our celebration
and magical work. We tend to see ourselves as very nature oriented,
focusing on hands on contact with the elements and other natural forces of the world.

We also meet as a coven one additional time a month
(not counting classes and whatever else may come up)
for a business and workshopping meeting, where we engage in exercises, projects,
visiting, food, etc. One important thing to stress however is that
the coven engagements are not seen to be a good substitute for personal practice
and spiritual pursuit. Wicca, while can be greatly enhanced by working with a group,
is ultimately a personal and solitary path that demands regular attention.
You only get out what you put in.

Expectations and Other Information

As a group, we expect openness, trust, and integrity
from our members. We desire commitment of time and reliability. We share the
belief that we live in a sacred world and we strive to live
in a sacred manner. We honor practices from many spiritual paths, however this is a Wiccan coven
and we will be focusing on our interpretations of Wicca. We adhere to basic Wiccan tenets, and encourage
creativity in our personal and group practices.
The training program that we undertake and teach is very time demanding.
It takes a lot of dedication and effort, and yes, some time sacrifices on the part of the seeker.
We work as much as we play, and we like to play a lot.
We do stress however that family and health and such things must come first, and we understand that life happens.
We do not ask that all of your time and energy be sunk into coven work, not at all.
We are not a cult. However, new candidates are always warned ahead of time that these
requirements do take a lot of work.
If someone is seeking fellowship and a place to worship only,
then this coven is not for them.
The path we follow is one of transformation as well as joy,
which demands much personal work, honesty, and courage.
We face ourselves in the full light of day, the way we want to be.
We also face ourselves in the shadows of the dark,
the way we are, with no sugar coating. Such is our way to wholeness and communion with the Divine.

For more information on our tradition, and our ethical beliefs, see the essay on this page: Click here