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Living Tapestry Circle

Even though one webpage cannot sum up the entirety of any organization,
we will try to provide you with some brief
information on who we are.

We see ourselves as a teaching coven, as well as an intentional family.
We are multifaceted in our goals, stories, backgrounds and approaches. While we acknowledge
our eclectic roots, we are working together to build a tradition that will be a foundation
for personal and group growth.

Our primary function is to train clergy.
We are also a place to find common ground and create a home with our sisters and brothers. We work
hard to develop these bonds and conduct our relationships as
a support network of love and trust. We are a family based on
honor, tradition, and mutual respect, with a common love and respect
for the Lady and Lord and all things living and magical.

We consist of people in ages from their
mid twenties to early fifties. There are women and men, and
we have members from many different backgrounds with
a variety of experiences and identities. We work hard to
maintain an environment of closeness, openess and acceptance.
We typically have classes for candidates to the coven once a week,
we have a coven meeting for initiated members once a month, and we meet an additional
time every month for ritual, Sabbats and/or Esbats.

We come together to learn, to teach, to celebrate
life, to mourn losses and to do the work
of the sacred in the world. We provide a structured
path of initiation and mystery, both in a literal, action based sense,
as well as in personal spiritual evolution.
We seek to work together to weave our tapestry and honor each individual thread
and their own personal paths.

We strive to uphold the Wiccan Rede in all of our interactions, and pass
that sense of reverence and way of living in the world on to others. We will
have a lot of fun and celebrate together, but we work as hard as we play.
We seek to worship and become familiar with Deity in a
multidimensional way, expanding our experience into various cultural and historical paths
and traditions, not limiting ourselves to any "one true way" to know the All.
We are polytheistic, duotheistic, monotheistic, animistic, and everything in between.

Our main focus is spiritual, but magic is also a part of that.
We seek to worship, celebrate and teach through
many different mediums, though music is essential
as it is a tool to bring us closer to the divine within each of us.
We are Goddess, we are God.

We seek to provide a life affirming path for those who wish to
participate so they may be able to make
informed decisions on their spiritual journey.

Our tapestry is woven through unity in our diversity.
We seek to provide a haven for people without discrimination
on the basis of race, creed, ethnicity, sexuality, age,
size or physical handicap, and to an extent philosophical perspectives.
All acts of love and pleasure are Her rituals, and we hope to provide a safe and
constructive environment in which we may experience those together.

Living Tapestry Circle is not accepting new Candidates at this time.
However we are considering speaking to interested individuals soon
and possibly opening up to Candidates
in the springtime.
If you are interested in contacting us or learning more about us,
feel free to send us mail by clicking on the mail graphic at the bottom
of the page,
we would be happy to hear from you.