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Living Tapestry Circle

Coven News

Living Tapestry Circle will be hosting
an event for the Ostara Sabbat,
open to all in the tradition to attend. If any of you
are interested in coming, please contact Silver for more info
and to let her know you want to be here!

Living Tapestry Circle is still closed
to people interested in becoming candidates to the coven.
We will most likely open the doors again in the summer, between Litha and Lammas.

The tradition newsletter The Spinning Wheel has just come out for its fourth
installment, and this completes it's entire first year of publishing!
Congrats and thanks to all in the tradition who have
put in so much work to make this thing fly this year.
Here's to many more!

Ciera, it was great having you here these past few months,
and we are going to miss you terribly, but we're happy
that your family will be reunited.

Though this isn't a coven sponsored event,
the Richmond Witches Meetup is active again.
If anyone in the area is interested in getting together with
others of like mind in the area,
check out the meetup link on the front page for more details.
We hope to see you there!