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Anglet, a little port next to Biarritz, the surf capital of Europ. But in my opinion (and many others) the waves in Anglet are better, more powerfull and more diverse than the ones next door to Biarritz. You can choose between many waves, with Cavaliers, the long right barre being the most famous. But as it is crowded on good days, check out one off the other banks, or if it really get's huge (atleast 12 foot plus) then tackle the shorebreak off la Barre. There are plenty off hotels to stay in, all of which are on the expensive site, and just one campsite in Anglet, which is way overprised for what you get. But still the cheapest place to stay. The food can be excellent, if you fidn what you want, and are willing to pay for. And as many places have seasonal workers, the food in the same place can vary every year. But the food at the campsite, is cheap, good, and you get a lot.

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