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Picture Gallery 3

Surfers Paradise, Australia

Australia has a lot of waves all around. This picture is from Surfers Paradise, a rare sight seeing it so perfect. There are a lot of good waves around the Gold Coast like Kirra and Burleigh. But the best wave I had was in Strahan, Tasmania. Dawn patrol on my own, nice 5 foot peeling waves with no one else out. Be prepared if u go to Oz, take all your gear, u don't know what u will get, from freezing water to hottub warm, 1 feet to 25 feet bombs.

Perranport, England

Cornwall has great waves, I had the best ones in Perranport.A nice long peeling wave that can get up to 8 feet.Not too hollow, but it does give very fast rides. Do look around at the country side as well, it's amazing.

Hook of Holland, The Netherlands

The Netherlands isn't known for it's waves. But we do get som good ones. Like Hook of Holland, my local wave. It breaks from 1-6 feet, but 1 foot days are more common. But we still have fun, even it freezes in the winter. So Dutch boarders are travelers, we want more waves. But no matter where u go, home is home.

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