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Body boarding pics and info from around the world

Labarre, Anglet-France

La Barre only breaks in big swells. It can easely reach up to 10 feet. The other beaches are at that point bigger, but the thrill of this shorebreak is fantastic. Anglet has nice beach and shorebreaks along its coast you can surf it from 1-15 feet through out all tides. You just have to look wich bank to surf on wich tide.

Ericeira, Portugal

Ericeira is a small fishing village in Portugal. It has reefs, beach and shorebreaks withing a 10 mile radius that are worldclass. You can surf it from 1-20 feet. Just be carefull with some of the reefs, it can be shallow. And if you are a fish lover, there are many good restaurants where they serve excelent fish. Just look for restaurants that are full of Portugese people.

Black Rock, Rarotonga

Rarotonga is a samll island wich u can cycle around in 2 hours. It does have some nice waves like Black Rock. It's a great wave over a sharp reef bottom which is shallow on high tide and dry on low. It ranges from 1-10 feet. There is now channel, you have walk over the reef.

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