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The Redmoss Inn

Hello, and welcome!As you can see, you've just entered Redmoss Inn. I am Moonpaw, I run the place. There is my park to look at, with all the wonderful creatures I've adopted, or you can see the history of Redmoss Inn. I quit the Site Fights, but I still have other things. I'm gonna get my links page back up, so you can enjoy other sites as well as this one. My trophy room is also here, where you can see my awards and such. You can e-mail me about anything on this page-comments, suggestions, etc. I'm always working on this page!

Places to go in Redmoss Inn
Come see the history and background of Redmoss Inn
My Links page-it's back up!
See the park, with all my adopted ex-orphans.
Come into the trophy room, see the wonderful awards!
My Spirit Page! I'm back in The Site Fights as a Wee One again! Woohoo!
moonpaw got their NeoPet at

Ever heard of Neopets? Well, it's a really cool site where you can adopt a Neopet(they have LOTS to choose from), and you can play with it, feed it, groom it, collect neopoints and buy things(online), and they just added a new feature called Neocoins, where you can get stuff in real life if you have enough! To go there and sign up, click either image above.

The Site Fights Spirit Flowers
Send a Spirit Flower!

This is my second flower. My first one died, so I decided to get another.

My Fairy My Fairy
These are my fairies, who I have named Sylverwyng and Goldynwyng(how original).

The Adoption Certificate The Adoption Certificate
Click on the certificate to Adopt a Fairy!

I know I have two adoption certificates, but there's one for each fairy, and each certificate goes with the corresponding fairy, according to color. Also, I would just like to mention that although Goldynwyng is bigger in size, Sylverwyng is her older sister.

This is my DPatrol Deputy Star! The adoption certificate is in the park, with the rest of my adoptees.

Sign My Spiritbook Guestbook View My Spiritbook

Please, please, PLEASE sign my Spiritbook! Just put your name and write "I was here" if you are too lazy to say something. I would just like to get an idea of who comes by.

Site Fights Spirit Counter

This is my Site Fights Spirit Counter, to show my spirit! This shows how many people have been here since April 29, 1999. Hmm, I wish I had higher numbers on it. And see, how my spirit is portrayed in the tigers on the counter?

~*The Wee Ones Fairy Circle is for
the Wee Ones at the Site Fights*~

Wee One Moonpaw is a member,
and you can be one too =)
Our magical realm is here!
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