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The Scary, Scary History. actually started as a fake porno first page ever. It consisted of nothing but one big bitmap image! Hehe. Later, I used notepad to sharpen my skill. Back when, I did not have the internet, and my only reference was a peice of paper with some HTML jotted on it, just basic HTML...
It later grew into a long crappy unorganised page called "B J K A P", or "Basic Jeremy's Kick Ass Page" {which mid you, wasnt kick ass}. It had a small section about DooM and Quake, called "FPS", a small section for C&C called "STR", and a small part for Diablo, D&D, and Baldurs Gate {which branched off later into} And below that, I had some fake, "Join" and "Members". This page can still be viewed, it's bjkap! Warning, it sucks!
Later, this was mid 99', I emailed our buddy Linguica, telling him about the site, and that he should put it in his news {lol), and I got a letter back saying that the site needs improvement, and that I should go to the DW forums {Thanks Ling!}.
I spent several months in the DW forums, telling people my site addy, and taking advice from the people. However, I cant remember what anyone said about my page back then :P Most people were helpfull. Back then, infact, the DW forums were quit empty, I could count everyone there in an instant.
The most helpfull person at the begining was deadnail. He nearly gave me tutorals, and said I should set my page up so that its easier to navigate. Well, I did. You can view this page at this button!
After that, I had this big ego boost. I started thinking my page was the second best to DW, and went berzerk. I started adding hundreds of low-quility pages to it, and saying how huge it was. And, I was flammed. Burned to a crisp as I should say it. So I decided to make it even better...I made a page with frame, and then even experimented with tables. ...The flamewar cools down...
After the flamewar cooled down, I continued with my Frames page. I kept adding, and adding. It got too cluttered. I also got very sick of Stas shutting down every day. {the frames site can be seen at Here, if stas is even up :P}
I got REALLY sick and tired of Stas' gay Ass, and I decided while it was down, to read up on table, and maybe test a little copy/paste. It experiment, learned, and well, finally made this page! Thank you for reading, -Jeremy