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Way back in 93', when Doom came out, The marine you played as, had no name. People only refered to him as "DooM" or "The Doom Marine". Some software programs even refered to him as "BJ" which made no sence, becuase B.J. Blackowitz {or whatever} was the character you played the role as in Wolfenstien-3D.
Later on, a novelist, named Dafydd ab Hugh, created a novel based on Doom. Many people dis-liked the books, but I infact loved them. They added a whole new perspective and reality to Doom. It also gave the marine a name. It was Flynn Taggart.
Corporal Flynn Taggart, of the Fox Company, 15th Light Drop Infantry Regiment, United States Marine Corps, Serial # 888-23-9912.
Stands 7ft tall, 205lbs. He is Arialite {White} and has lite brown hair. He is slim, and very muscular. He was commanded by Leutenant Weems.
His best of friends were Lance Corporal; Arlene Edith Sanders, and Gunnery Sargent Goforth.
His story: He grew up in Orlando Florida, and had a drunk for a dad. After he was old enough, he joined the Marines. But one day, something happened with one of the Fox Company branches... the UAC. They gave a distress call saying that something was coming throught the gates, and that Phobos had dissapeared from the Sky {Likely to crash into Earth.} The immediately sent thier best marines up to the Phobos Base. Flynn was not allowed to enter the base with the other marines becuase he had gotten in big trouble for punching Weems rite in the face. He was guarded by two men at the door. He had no weapons, but he heard people dying in there through his radio, and thought about his friends. He took the weapons from the guards, and entered. He cleared out the moon bases, found Arlene, and got to Earth. Earth was already under attack. They did what they could, but were sent on a mission that would change thier lives, and everyones lives. They were sent through the gates, to meet an Alien race that decided to help Earth. They together embarked on a mission to Destroy the Aliens that invaded Earth with thier "Demons" and get back to Earth, lest, it would be hundreds of years into the futur, becuase they were going at light speed. When they got back to Earth, it was re-built, and the population had gone back up. Books were written about them, and they were famed for saving Earth. They gave people "Faith".
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