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The Kurt Russell movie that started it all is scheduled on the SciFi Channel:
"While investigating the origins of an ancient Egyptian artifact, a macho military leader and a timid linguist are transported through an interdimensional gate across the universe to a startlingly Earthlike world. There they find a despot who posits himself as the god Ra. Kurt Russell (Escape from New York, John Carpenter's "The Thing"), James Spader (Supernova, the SCI FI Pictures original Alien Hunter) and Jaye Davidson (The Crying Game) star in this epic adventure directed by Roland Emmerich (Independence Day). Look quickly for an uncredited John Rhys-Davies (the Lord of the Rings trilogy, TV's Sliders) in a cameo at an archeological dig."

Airs on the SciFi Channel, March 9 followed by Star Trek Generations
Telemundo aired the movie Sunday @ 1pm (dubbed into Spanish. The guy who did Kurt's voice sounded even more macho than Kurt!)
Also airs on USA Network on Thursday, 3-25-04 at 2:30pm

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