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The Kurt Russell movie that started it all has also been seen on the SYFY Channel movies:

Stargate (1994)

"While investigating the origins of an ancient Egyptian artifact, a macho military leader and a timid linguist are transported through an interdimensional gate across the universe to a startlingly Earthlike world. There they find a despot who posits himself as the god Ra. Kurt Russell (of Escape from New York, Big Trouble In Little China and John Carpenter's remake of The Thing), James Spader (Supernova, the SCI FI Pictures original Alien Hunter) and Jaye Davidson (The Crying Game) star in this epic adventure directed by Roland Emmerich (Independence Day). Look quickly for an uncredited John Rhys-Davies (the Lord of the Rings trilogy, TV's Sliders) in a cameo at an archeological dig."
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The SciFi channel's NBC spanish sister station Telemundo aired the movie in 2006 (dubbed into Spanish. The guy who did Kurt's voice sounded even more macho than Kurt!)
It has also aired on USA Network

Stargate eps, up to 6am is night of date shown:

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No episodes or Stargate movies scheduled for this month on SYFY
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1st episode of the 3rd series Stargate Universe aired October, 2009

Note: since Stargate SG-1 has been cancelled, there will be 2 new Stargate SG-1 movies released on DVD, "The Ark Of Truth" (originally intended as the 10th-season cliffhanger ep) in which the Ori's threat to Earth may end with a device to deprogram their soldiers. And "Continuum" in Spring 2008, in which O'Neill, Carter & Mitchell are in 1939 racing to keep the Stargate from falling into the hands of the Nazis. There is also an unsold pilot script for a new series, "Stargate Universe."

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^^^^^^ Stargate SG-1 Continuum teaser (Spring, 2008) ^^^^^^

Mitch Pileggi of The X Files (Skinner) joined the cast of Atlantis with the 7-15-05 episode as the commander of battle cruiser "Daedalus," dispatched from Earth to help battle the vampire-like Wraith and keep them from Earth in episode Seige, Part 3. "The Geneva Convention doesn't apply here."

Step through the Stargate with Colonel Jack O'Neill (RICHARD DEAN ANDERSON) and his SG-1 team of soldier-explorers as they travel instantaneously to other planets — meeting allies, forging diplomatic ties, establishing trade . . . and best of all, kicking intergalactic-terrorist butt!
Based at the U.S. Air Force's Stargate Command in the Rocky Mountains, O'Neill and Dr. Daniel Jackson (MICHAEL SHANKS), Major Samantha Carter, alien warrior Teal'c (CHRISTOPHER JUDGE) and others fight for truth, justice and the Terran way. Can they help it if they have so much fun doing it? Stargate's cast of characters

The Doctor needs help THE TECH OF STARGATE SG-1 (archived 2004, no pictures)
What's a Stargate? How does it work? Can I get me one of those?

MEET THE ALIENS (archived 2004)
It's a small galaxy, after all.

THE LOWDOWN (no archive page available, check current Stargate website)
Watch exclusive clips from the special that ushered in Season Seven. It's a small galaxy, after all.

ABOUT STARGATE SG-1 (series overview)

The 2-hour pilot movie (LBX) for the new spinoff Stargate Atlantis series premiered:
16-JUL-04 @ 9pm & 11pm

Notice: If you are a lost traveler, go to the Sci-Fi Channel's official the stargate wormhole vortexStargate

Audio: Promises to aliens have no validity

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