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Page updated on 30 Dec 2017

Check out my photos from Lofoten, Norway, which were taken on a trip there. Click here

My name is Dave Peterson. My wife, Mary, and I live in Riverton, Minnesota (pop 122) located about 10 miles northeast of Brainerd and about 6 miles from Crosby. We are about 130 miles north of Minneapolis/St. Paul.

I have taught myself to speak and write Norwegian and enjoy hearing from people living in Norway and all over the world. I will write in either English or Norwegian. I like to get mail written in Norwegian because it helps me learn the language. But, you do not have to be Norwegian to write me or get a response from me.

Are you wondering about the "Matbird" name? I have been a wrestling coach for many years and have spent quite a bit of time on a wrestling mat, and since we spend our summers at our cabin on Eagle Lake, and the eagle is a bird...well, you get the picture.

Hei på deg! Jeg heter Dave Peterson (Det var Pedersen i Norge). Vi bor i Riverton, Minnesota, ca 130 engelske mil (208 km) nord for Minneapolis/St. Paul. Riverton ligger ca 10 engelske mil (16 km) nordøst for Brainerd og ca 6 eng. mil (9.6 km) fra Crosby. Kona mi heter Mary. Vi har vært gift i 48 strålende år, og har to voksne barn: Jennifer og Andrew. Jennifer er gift med Scott, som er autorisert sykepleier og arbeider i Minneapolis. Jen ble ferdig med studiene ved Concordia College i 1993 og har jobba i diverse sosiale stillinger. I mai 2001, ble Andrew ferdig med studiene ved Universitetet St. Thomas i St. Paul, Minnesota. Han har også studert ved Akita Universitetet på Akita, Japan. Han jobber i forretningsverdenen. Ikke spør, jeg forstår ikke den verdenen :-) . Andy og fruen som heter Yumi har 1 sønn, Duane. Kona mi er autorisert sykepleier (RN) og hun er min beste venn. Hun er flink med symaskinen og broderimaskinen og lager fine lappetepper! Jeg var lærer og brytertrener i 34 år, men nå er jeg selvstendig altmuligmann og musiker (se bilde under), og tar ferie når som helst. Jeg husker ikke da jeg sist kjedet meg. Så jeg er glad jeg har mange hobbyer. Jeg har likt datamaskiner i mange år og fortsetter å drive med genealogi i perioder. Jeg liker å få brev fra Norge. Hvis du har lyst, vennligst skriv noen ord til meg på norsk (eller på engelsk hvis du ønsker), og jeg skal skrive tilbake til deg. Takk! Ha en riktig god dag! Vennligst glem ikke å skrive noen ord i gjesteboka mi. Hjertelig takk!

Here is one of the groups I play in, CHURCHYARD, a gospel bluegrass band at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Crosby, Minnesota. We formed this group in 2004 from scratch and we keep very busy playing for area churches and special events. We celebrated our tenth anniversary in 2014. Our mission is to use our music to praise God and proclaim the good news of Jesus. Take a peek at the home page for Churchyard at You will have to use your Back Button to come back to this page as there is no link back.

Our first CD cover shows our group standing in the yard of our Church.


Left to right: Wendy (mandolin, vocals), Dave, (guitar, dobro, banjo, vocals), Denise (bass, vocals), Greg (mandolin, fiddle & vocals),
Jane (guitar, vocals), Denny (guitar, vocals), and Brad (banjo, vocals)

I also play in a group Cuyuna Rhythm, a blues, old time rock n roll, & country band located in the Brainerd Lakes area. For the first two years I played with CR, I was the bass player, but have moved to playing guitar when the group makeup changed a bit. Take look here to get a taste of this fun band: CUYUNA RHYTHM. Once again, to return to this page you'll have to use your back button because there is no link back here on the Cuyuna Rhythm page.

Click here to read the text to Sailor's Blues a song I wrote about a Norwegian sailor.


When it's winter time in Minnesota,
and the gentle breezes blow
about seventy miles an hour
and it's fifty-two below,
You can tell you're in Minnesota
'cause the snow's up to your butt
And you take a breath of winter air
and your nose holes both freeze shut.
The weather here is wonderful,
So I guess I'll hang around,
I could NEVER leave Minnesota
My feet are frozen to the ground!
(Author unknown)

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