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Classic Horror Award Winners Page

Award Winners

These are the web sites, that Classic Horror has given an award to.
Please visit the homepage of the award given, by clicking on the link.
Thank You.

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2000 Classic Horror Award

2001 Classic Horror Award

2002 Classic Horror Award

2003 Classic Horror Award
May 2000
Classic Horror
June 2000
Stars Spooky Page
July 2000
Cyclones horroR
August 2000
September 2000
The Horror Post
October 2000
November 2000
The Horror Scene II
December 2000
It's Alive.....Monsters & Misfits
January 2001
No Winner
February 2001
No Winner
March 2001
No Winner
April 2001
No Winner
May 2001
Planet Horror
May 2001
Frankenstein Lives
June 2001
No Winner
July 2001
No Winner
August 2001
No Winner
September 2001
No Winner
October 2001
No Winner
November 2001
House of Frankenstyle
December 2001
The Svengoolie Web
December 2001
Wolfman's House

January 2002
No Winner
February 2002
No Winner
March 2002
No Winner
April 2002
No Winner
May 2002
Michael McQuary - The New Man of a Thousand Faces

June 2002
Classic Monsters Online

June 2002
Dr Freudsteins' Movie Review Page
July 2002
No Winner
August 2002
No Winner
Sepetember 2002
Monster Demands a Mate

October 2002
T. M. Gray, Horror Writer

November 2002
Avalon's Atelier

December 2002
ARNOLD: The Website

December 2002
8mm Horror & Sci-Fi Movie Boxes

December 2002
The Al Adamson Horror Films Celebration

January 2003

January 2003
Universal Steve

January 2003
BloodKissed Athenaeum

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