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Classic Horror-Application for Classic Horror's Award

Classic Horror Award

Do you have a web page that you have worked on real hard and would like
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Web Sites that have won my Classic Horror Award

2002 Classic Horror Award

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Bela Lugosi as DraculaBoris Karloff as Frankenstein's MonsterElsa Lanchester as the Monster's Mate (the Bride of Frankenstein)Lon Chaney Sr. as the Hunchback of Notre DameClaude Rains as the Invisible ManFredric March as Dr. Jekyll/Mr HydeKing Kong

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Boris Karloff as the MummyLon Chaney Sr. as the Phantom of the OperaMax Schreck as Graf Orlock (Nosferatu)Lon Chaney Sr. as Burke (London After Midnight)Lon Chaney Jr. as Count Alucard (Son of Dracula)Henry Hull as Dr. Wilfred Glendon/the Werewolf (Werewolf of London)Lon Chaney Jr. as Larry Talbot/the Wolfman

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