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These many people used to collect 8mm movies too:

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I thought a website would be nice featuring pictures of those wonderfully nostalgic...and sometimes downright covers from the old horror and sci-fi home movies. Many of these have wonderful artwork, most notably the boxes from Castle Films (the home movie division of Universal Studios), and Ken Films. To keep the quickest loading time for these pages, I decided to go strictly with text links and forego thumbnails to click on. Not to mention that, over time, this list will GROW, so I figured it was better keeping it all text. This site is broken into 13 groups:

Cartoon and Comedy Shorts
Complete Feature Films
Disaster Films (finally added this page on a longtime whim)
Foreign Horror Boxes (which includes features)
Foreign Sci-Fi Boxes (which also includes features)
Godzilla and Big Monsters/Kaiju Boxes
Horror (excerpts from the features)
Hammer Films (now have their own page!)
Science Fiction (excerpts from the features)
Universal Monsters/Universal Horror Films
Box Covers vs. Studio Stills Comparisons
Christmas Films
and Derann Films in the U.K., which has their own page!

If you have any good photos or scans to contribute, or better resolution scans than I might have here, please email them to me for inclusion on this site. I decided to leave the Christmas titles up year round, since they're just so nice and visitors to this site have enjoyed them during the holidays. If you're a visitor to my site from another country, and you can provide any photos of foreign versions of the box art to any of these films, please send them to me also. If you'd like to link to my page, use the banner on the Links page. Links to other sites, and places this site is linked to, are there. THANKS! Greg
NOTE: I don't own, collect, or sell any 8mm films. The images here are for enjoyment, nostalgia, and reference only. Any emails asking where to purchase 8mm movies will not be responded to.
The search engine has been was not working and was too much trouble to get fixed properly.
If any of these links don't work, or are incorrect...Please let me know so I can fix them!


Keep an eye out throughout the site for the small YouTube logo like this next to some titles:

Clicking on it will open up the YouTube page on which you can watch a video of the film in question!
(NOTE: I am not uploading any videos to YouTube...they are already there by others)

NOTE on the YouTube videos: I am always working to update the links as time goes by
because since this site went up, many people have uploaded 8mm digests to YouTube, so
there's a lot more to be found now. Consequently, some videos have been removed from
YouTube due to studio complaints, and I've removed the links from pages on my site.
If you find links to any digests on YouTube that I may have missed, email them to me.

8MM Box Covers Vs. Studio Stills Comparisons

8mm Derann Films Releases (Features and Abridgements)

8mm Cartoon & Comedy Shorts

8mm Feature Films

8mm Foreign Horror Boxes

8mm Foreign Sci-Fi Boxes

8MM Godzilla & Big Monsters/Kaiju Boxes

8mm Hammer Films

8mm Horror Films

8mm Science Fiction Films

8mm Universal Monsters/Universal Horror Films
(Please take note of the three Universal 8 "pink and white" boxes on this page: I am looking for more to include)

8mm Links


8mm DISASTER Films

Castle Films Sound Horror Film Abridgements on VHS!! - Unfortunately, I lost this page and all related info in a system crash recently, so the page is no longer featured here