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  1. Where do I find/buy/order the MoEZ hooks?
    You can order them online from the MoEZ Unlimited web site or by postal mail from Monte and Valerie Grimm. You may contact either Valerie or Monte by e-mail or "snail mail" (USPS postal mail):
    "MoEZ" Hook
    PO Box 950012
    Oklahoma City, OK 73195-0012.
    The MoEZ hooks are NOT available in any stores as of yet.

  2. What are the MoEZ hooks?
    Since I've already answered this particular question at my site and don't want to sound like a broken record, please read the answer to question #4 further down on this page or read ALL the information that is available on this page or visit the MoEZ Unlimited web site for more information.

  3. Do I need to use the MoEZ hooks to do the afghan/tunisian crochet stitch?
    Simple answer is no, you don't need to use the MoEZ afghan crochet hooks to do the stitch. You can use whatever kind of afghan crochet hook you want to use. If you are new to crocheting or the afghan/tunisian stitch, you may find it easier to practice doing the stitch with a smaller afghan hook rather than the MoEZ one until you are comfortable crocheting and doing the stitch. If you have trouble/problems with your hands when crocheting, you might like to try the MoEZ hooks as they are larger in diameter and most people with hand trouble/problems find them easier to use than regular afghan and/or crochet hooks.
    If you are looking for longer and/or bigger in diameter for afghan crochet hooks than what you can find in your local retail stores, you may have some trouble in finding them. Most of the retail/craft stores (Wal-Mart,Michaels, Hobby Lobby/Crafts Etc., Jo-Ann, Herrschners, Mary Maxim, Annie's Attic, etc.) that I'm aware/know of carry afghan crochet hooks will carry them up to either a size "K" or "L" and are usually made of either plastic and/or metal and only available in lengths of 10, 12, or 14 inches long. Easy Tunisian Crochet™ hooks may be ordered/purchased through Annie's Attic or Carolyn Christmas' web site, Easy Tunisian Crochet™. The Easy Tunisian Crochet™ hooks are hard plastic, 14 inches long and only available in sizes L, M, N, and P. You can even try Serendipity Crochet's instructions for making your own hooks if you prefer. Or try shopping at eBay for a good deal on new and/or used crochet hooks.
    Before I got my set of MoEZ hooks, I ordered some wood afghan crochet hooks made by Twin Birches and I am very happy/pleased/satisfied with both my MoEZ AND my Twin Birches afghan crochet hooks. *S*

  4. What is the difference between regular afghan crochet hooks and the MoEZ ones?
    According to the MoEZ Unlimited web site, "The MoEZ hooks are hand made from hard wood and are longer than all other afghan hooks. They are larger in diameter than most afghan hooks and have a rubber stopper at the end for hand rest comfort and to help keep loops from falling off the hook. With MoEZ hooks projects just about make themselves. There is less work involved in each project and there is a softness and suppleness that comes with the larger Tunisian weave. Make afghans from charts or cross-stitch patterns or choose from the over 50 afghan stitches to create textured designs. Ergonomically designed, the MoEZ hooks help to alleviate pain involved with regular crocheting by allowing the crocheter to hold the hook more loosely and have less stress on the wrists, hands, fingers and arms by allowing for minimal movement of the joints. Being wood, they are more comforting to touch and hold than cold metal hooks. The MoEZ hooks are sanded to an incredible smooth finish that will keep yarn from snagging and catching, this improves with use. The wood grain will appear more and more and the hooks will continue to get more slippery with continued use allowing the yarn to more than glide over the hook. MoEZ hooks are easy enough for children, first-time crocheters and arthritics to use. MoEZ hooks are fun for all ages."

  5. Where can I find/order wood afghan crochet hooks or cro-hooks online?
    I have used and can recommend either MoEZ Unlimited and/or Twin Birches for wood afghan crochet hooks. Both offer cro-hooks (double-ended crochet hooks) in different sizes/lengths in addition to their other products. Each will also do custom orders for hooks if requested. You can also order the Twin Birch hooks through the Needles! web site.

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