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FAQs For/From Newbies Mouse crocheting

     The following information and links are for people new to crochet ("newbies") or those wanting to brush up on their crocheting skills. I'm not going to show or tell you how to crochet as there are lots of places that already provide such information and I already have those listed on another page here at my site.
     On this page (and any additional ones), I will be trying to provide answers/explanations to questions that are frequently asked by newbies concerning MoEZ, crochet and related topics.

  1. Where do I find/buy/order the MoEZ hooks?
  2. What are the MoEZ hooks?
  3. Do I need to use the MoEZ hooks to do the afghan/tunisian crochet stitch?
  4. What is the difference between regular afghan crochet hooks and the MoEZ ones?
  5. Where can I find/order wood afghan crochet hooks or cro-hooks online?
  6. Where can I find some easy patterns/graphs to use for afghan crochet stitch?
  7. How do I read a graph?
  8. What is a "row count"?
  9. How do I convert a graph to use for single crochet?
  10. How do I convert a row count to use for single crochet?
  11. What does gauge mean and how do I measure mine?
  12. What is a "swatch"?
  13. How can I make my own graph for crocheting?
  14. What is a ".pat file"?
  15. Where can I find/see a video of how to crochet or learn how to do the tunisian crochet/afghan stitch?
  16. Why is it important to match up dye lot numbers and/or dates on yarn wrappers? What about "no dye lot" yarn?
  17. How do I save/print a graph from your Epson album?
  18. What are craft abbreviations/acronymns for online chats/groups?
  19. How do I hold a crochet and/or MoEZ hook?
  20. What is a Nostepinne/Nostepinde?

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