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About MoEZ

     MoEZ is a way to crochet the afghan stitch (a.k.a. the Tunisian stitch or Tricot Crochet along with several other names) using hooks that are larger and longer than your typical afghan stitch hook.
     Mocheting is nothing more than Tunisian crochet (also known as the afghan stitch) but it is done with the MoEZ hooks. Mo stands for Monte and EZ because they are so much E Z er. Monte one day coined the phrase..."why crochet when you can Mochet?" Valerie told the list and it stuck.
MoEZ Crochet Assistant is a new software program from MoEZ. It's a program designed to help you with some of the more common tasks of working on a mochet project, such as:
  1. Figuring the number of rows and stitches you will need for an afghan with the width and height you want for the finished project using various hooks.*
  2. Converting measurements between US and metric systems
  3. Designing swatches that can be used for dish rags, coasters, doilies or even afghan squares.** (This will give you a small taste of the new MoEZ Graph program).

** - Swatch design is limited to a 10x10 matrix that is designable, savable and printable. For full editing capabilities, use the MoEZ Graph application.

It lets you put in how wide and how long your completed afghan will be, and what size hook you want to use to make it (FYI - it doesn't have to be a MoEZ hook, it will do it for a few other brands of hooks as well). Then you click on the "calculate" button and it tells you how many stitches you will need and how many rows you'll need to do to achieve the size you want. There is a slide bar for different tension such as loose, normal, tight, etc. It will also tell you approximately how many yards you'll need for the project in some of the different afghan/tunisian crochet stitches but it can't calculate different colors in a graph afghan, only for the afghan itself. It's a great tool and very useful. You can order the program at the MoEZ web site and you can email Val for more information and/or prices.
     According to some people, it will takes less time and less yarn to make your projects using the MoEZ hooks due to the hook sizes. Some people with arthritis or tendonitis or other hand problems have found it easier to crochet with these larger hooks rather than regular crochet/afghan hooks. The hooks are made of wood so they are warm and you don't really have to grip the hook as long as you hold it on the very end so that it balances in your hand. If the hook is held correctly, only your thumb touches the hook as the weight of the afghan forces the hook up into the inside of your hand so there you don't have to grip the hook as you do in regular crochet.
     The MoEZ hooks are handcrafted solid wood hooks that are very smooth. You can order the MoEZ hooks from Valerie's husband, Monte Grimm. These hooks are only available by ordering online and aren't found in any stores as of yet.

     (Disclaimer: To the best of my knowledge, I am not related to either Monte or Valerie Grimm. I do not profit in any way, shape, or form from the sale or making of the MoEZ hooks. The information/links that I have here at my site concerning the MoEZ hooks/group are for informational/educational purposes only.)
     To order the MoEZ hooks, you may visit their NEW website (MoEZ Unlimited) and order the hooks directly from it. Or you may contact either Valerie or Monte by e-mail or "snail mail" (USPS postal mail):
"MoEZ" Hook
PO Box 950012
Oklahoma City, OK 73195-0012.
They accept charge cards (US or International) OR you can send them a check/money order to the above mailing address. Please e-mail them first before ordering online so that they can send you an invoice from PayPal for the amount of your order.
     The hooks can be used to make afghans from any simple cross-stitch or graph pattern. The hooks are color-coded, are available in 6 different sizes and in 2 different lengths: 9 inches for smaller projects and finishing work or 18 inches for making afghans. The smallest diameter is approx. the size of an "L" afghan hook. The red hook seems to be the most popular one from what I've been told. The Ultra Maroon hook is useful for making rugs and is available by special request only.
     For more information and hints about hooks, please read either the MoEZ Group's links or MoEZ FAQs & Tips From Others pages that are here in my site. Be sure to visit the following web pages/sites, too, when you get a chance:
(Monte & Valerie's NEW site):
MoEZ Unlimited
"MoEZ" Afghan Crochet Hooks To Order

(Valerie Young-Grimm's web page, Monte's wife):
I Crochet It With "MoEZ" Afghan Crochet

See other afghan photos at:

MoEZ Hooks and Sizes

Photo of MoEZ hooks made by Monte Grimm   Green = 5/16th" (8mm)
  Black = 3/8th" (9.5mm)
  Red = 7/16th" (11.1mm)
  Yellow = 1/2" (12.7mm)
  "Super" Blue = 5/8" (15.9mm)
  "Super" Orange = 3/4" (19mm)
  Ultra Maroon = 7/8th" (22 mm)

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