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JGA Karabiner Rifle

Did you ever see a rifle that, for some reason, caught your eye? Well, this page has some digital photos of a rifle that I just picked up that caught mine. For the past year or so, I had seen a small rifle marked "JGA 6mm" with a price tag of $150 hanging on it. I tried to find out about 6mm, but no one was aware of where it could be found (if at all),so I kept passing it by.

Recently, I stopped by the pawn shop to see what was new, and I spotted of JGA rifle yet again. Even though I had been told that ammo might not be available, I asked the proprietor what he would take for it, considering that it had been there for a while. We haggled down from $150 to $80 out the door, and I went home with my new rifle.

Anschutz "JGA" logo on receiver
"Karabiner logo on barrel
Stampings for the caliber and proof marks on barrel
Right side view with the bolt closed
Right side view shows the bolt, receiver, chamber and extractor. Finish is worn and some brownish stains show in the picture.
Left side view from front
The standard rounded Anschutz "nosepiece" on the front of the furniture

6mm-Flobert Cartridges

I looked on the internet for ammo, and sent Dangerous Dave at Old Western Scrounger an email; Dave answered that 6mm-Flobert was basically a rimfire .22 size. I showed my new rifle to my brother-in-law, and mentioned that I needed to find 6mm-Flobert ammo; My B-I-L remembered that he had bought some CB Caps at a gunshow a couple of years ago, and he looked around his basement and found the empty container. Sure enough, 6mm-Flobert is the same as CB Caps. I found info on 6mm-Flobert at a website:

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