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CFS-20s List Owner
BOD Member Michelle
BOD Member Penni

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[ CFS-20s ]

Below are pictures of some of the people who belong to the mailing list CFS-20s and/or who frequent the IRC channel #cfs-20s. They are 20-somethings who suffer from CFS/ME/FMS and related diseases, and represent five countries.
In Alphabetical Order
IRC Nicknames Homepages
Andy - -
Bek Oberin  gossamer Bek's Homepage
Christi Calvert Brogan Vixy Christi's Homepage
Daniela Martinsan - -
Farrah Tate - Farrah's Homepage
Fred Bulger  derf -
Gill Harris  Jibs -
Gregg Davis - -
Greg Riddick - -
Heather Bigley - -
Heidianna Terpening - -
Ian O Spike -
Ian Woolf - Ian's Homepage
Janelle - -
Jennie G - Jennie's Homepage
Jen Munn  jmunn Jen's Homepage
Jim Head HazyOne Jim's Homepage
Jo  Sparrow Jo's Homepage
Jono Cowdery - -
Miranda Smith  Rainbow -
Nicole Chan - -
Nichole Foster and
dAli_ & Da_Lee, N_en_B Nichole's Homepage
Rachel Feldman - -
Rachel Sandford  ^Sablon -
Rebecca Bailey with niece  becbec Rebecca's Homepage
Rob - -
Robyn Pollman OUBlondie Robyn's Homepage
Robyn and Todd Pollman  OUBlondie & EvilHomer Robyn and Todd's Homepage
Roger Peacey  Gromit -
Tessa O'Dell - -
Todd Pollman and "his special friend" ;-) EvilHomer Todd's Homepage
Victoria Flute  Posh -
Wendy  wend -
ygg & boy krasota -

If you would like to see your picture in the CFS-20s Photo Gallery, simply e-mail me with your scanned picture in .GIF or .JPEG format. If you don't have a scanner, you can snail-mail me your photo, and I'll scan it and get it back to you (email me for details)

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