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Literature: Stories, Poems, and Songs…

Ever since I could read, I have always been fascinated with literature. Limited to stories and novels at first, it expanded to poetry in high school. Some of these are a product of my imagination

Note: Angelfire has unfortunately vaporized my mi/celeste account so that my beloved Rebirth of an Angel and Icq poems were gone. Also missing is Sir Dark`s A Bitter Sweet Murder. Anyone with copies of these works must, and I mean MUST send them to me!



God knows how many stories I have started but have never finished. Sweet Rei would know about the WIB story (as she helped me start it), my foreign love story as well of numerous other ideas which have not yet reached paper. Those that are unfinished here are mine, email me suggests if you so wish.


Romantic Rain

Romantic Rain (v2) (Aug 01)

WIB unfinished (Rei and Cherise)

Rebirth of an Angel – missing (Dec 98)

A Bitter Sweet Murder – missing (Sir Dark)



Jello! And the Coolness of Jello (June 97) Reunion (June 97)                                       GeTting DrUnK  (June 97)                                                                                A Chance Passed  (99)                                                                                          Water and Marble (P.K. Page)                                                                                                    The Dark Side – collection of poems (Herbert Chak)

Songs :

If I really like a song, I would write out the lyrics. It is my way to appreciate it in every detail. So here they are: the songs which made me feel something.

I Hope You Dance – Lee Anne Womack                                                                             Pledge to you all my love… (Sung by Sammie Tsang Nov 99)                                                                      We must be in love..  

          Miscellaneous: Things like essays and random thoughts would reside here.

Points to ponder... (99)My Six Holes (June 01)


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