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           Dr. Manette is kept in prison for 18 years without charge or trial. When he is suddenly released to the
      custody of Ernest DeFarge and his wife, they want his daughter to take him out of Paris as soon as possible
      with no questions asked.

           Darnay travels between France and England on secret business.
     ("business of a delicate and difficult nature". He is trying to find the sister of the girl who died at the hands of
          the  Marquis St.Evrémonde in order to make amends. It is a futile search.)

             Darnay does not reveal his true identity at his trial.
     (this business "might get people into trouble")

              Barsad keeps secret the real source of his income at Darnay's trial.
     (he has robbed his sister of her inheritance; is also a paid spy)

              Jerry Cruncher has a secret occupation which he calls "fishing". When he "catches" nothing, he blames
      it on his wife's "flopping" (praying), and beats her.
     (digs up bodies and sells them to science)

             Dr. Manette suffers a relapse  after Darnay tells him who he really is.
     (a member of the St.Evrémonde family)

        The Doctor remains in a confused mental state for nine days while Lucie and Charles are away. This relapse
      is kept secret from her.

            Miss Pross has a mysterious brother whom she adores, but hasn't seen in years.
      (Solomon Pross, whom she finally meets in Paris)

           There is a funeral held in London for Roger Cly, but what is really in the coffin?
      (paving stones and dirt)

            Madame DeFarge keeps a record of those who will go to the guillotine.
      (code in the form of the designs she knits)

            Madame DeFarge is the missing younger sister who was hidden from the Marquis.

             Carton overhears why Madame DeFarge is so bent on destroying Darnay and his family.
      (her sister, brother, father, and brother-in-law  were victims of the Marquis' brutality.)

             Carton meets up with Solomon Pross, alias John Barsad, and discovers that he is a spy in the prisons.
     (he uses this to blackmail Barsad into helping him)

           Carton's secret promise to Lucie is fulfilled in Paris.
      (give his life for "a life you love"

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