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               Comparing Characters

   Both Stryver and Carton attended Shrewsbury School and studied law in Paris.Both became barristers in London.
    Stryver was agressive in his career, Carton was unmotivated.Stryver excelled in arguing his cases, but lacked the
   talent necessary to prepare them. Carton's talent lay in the preparation, and the work he did behind the scenes for
   Stryver became the foundation for Stryver's success.
    Both would have liked to marry Lucie Manett. Stryver saw her as a trophy wife.He never considered her feel -
   ings at all, but presumed she would want him because he was sucessful.When he realized she did not, he referred
   to her as a "mincing fool".He later claimed that she had tried to trap him into marraige but that he was too smart
   to fall for such feminine wiles.This was of course an outright lie.
   Carton knew from the start he had no chance of marrying Lucie.But he always considered her feelings first.She is
   the only one to whom he reveals his true feelings,and promises that he will always be ready to do anything for her
   -even to give his life .

    They are alike physically but very unlike in character.Darnay is neatly dressed, Carton is always careless and
     rather sloppy. Darnay is modestly sucessful in his work as tutor, Carton is a failure in his career.Darnay has a
     happy family life, Carton is alone. Carton sees in Darnay the man he might have been, and at first is envious.
     But he later apologises to Darnay for his former rudeness and asks if they might be friends. Darnay seems like
     the strong one,Carton the weak one,unable to deal with life. In the end, Carton emerges as the strong one,while
     Darnay leaves the story weak and helpless.

    The Marquis considers the poor as being of no worth as human beings. Darnay believes in the "rights of man"
      which should extend to all. He refuses to live as the Marquis does, extravagantly and at the expense of the
      poor. He is considerate to all, regardless of their station in life, while the Marquis is considerate toward none.

   Both Miss Pross and Carton are devoted to Lucie and will do anything for her.Carton sacrifices his life so that
    Lucie and her family can escape safely. Miss Pross is ready to sacrifice her life in her struggle with Madame
    DeFarge so that Lucie can escape.

   Both are very strong,determined women. Miss Pross is determined to protect Lucie no matter what the cost.
    Madame DeFarge is just as determined to destroy Darnay's family.

   Mr.Lorry is a "man of business", Carton says of himself that he "has no business". Carton's indifferent attitude
    seems to annoy Mr.Lorry. Over time, Carton recognises Mr.Lorry as a "good man and a true friend".              .    Years later, Mr. Lorry is the first one Carton seeks out when he reaches Paris. During those difficult last days,
     Carton reveals to Mr.Lorry some of his deepest feelings, and Mr. Lorry begins to  see him in a different light
     for the first time.

   As a youth, Ernest DeFarge was a servant for the young Dr.Manette. Therese DeFarge's sister, father ,brother,
    and brother-in-law all died because of the St.Evrémonde brothers. As a result, Therese was determind to punish
    the entire St.Evrémonde family. She could be compared to the extremists then in power who suspected enemies
    were lurking around every corner.Ernest could not see exterminating the whole family, and called for moderation,
    just as there was a political cry for clemency at that time.

    Lucie was the image of the perfect woman:devoted daughter and wife, compassionate, caring,creating a peaceful
     home for her family. Madame DeFarge is pictured as bloodthirsty,leading women in battle,defying her husband's
     wishes.Lucie has two children,Madame DeFarge has none,which at that time was thought to be defective,inferior
     and not measuring up to real womanhood. Lucie is "golden-haired", angelic; Madame DeFarge is dark-haired,
     a tigeress, absolutely without pity.

   Both had dark secrets that made life sometimes difficult. Dr.Manette's long imprisonment caused him to lose his
    reason, and even after he recovered, times of great stress would cause him to relapse.The real reason for his
    imprisonment is not revealed until Darnay's second trial in Paris. Carton is in a figurative prison ,from which he
    can find no escape ,except in death. The reasons why he changed from a "youth of great promise" to "a
    disappointed drudge" are never revealed.

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