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SYDNEY CARTON : Described as a "youth of great promise", he ended up doing exercises for the other boys
     and seldom doing his own. He went on to become an alcoholic, dissolute barrister, "idlest and most unpromising
      of men", but he was "Stryver's great ally". He investigated, wrote up, and coached Stryver's cases, rarely ever
     getting any credit. Because of this, he is called Stryver's "jackal". He says of himself "I care for no man and
     no man cares for me."Brilliant but unmotivated.

ROGER CLY :  A former servant for Charles Darnay, he was actually a spy and testified against Darnay at his
       treason trial in London. He becomes so disreputable that he fakes his death.

JERRY CRUNCHER : A messenger for Tellson's Bank and sometimes bodyguard for Mr. Lorry. He moon-
     lights as a body-snatcher, digging up newly deceased people and selling the corpses to science. He calls it "fish-
     ing" and if he "catches" nothing, blames it on his wife's "flopping" (praying), and beats her.

ERNEST DEFARGE : Vendor of a wineshop in the St.Antoine section of Paris. As a youth he was a servant for
      Dr. Manette. He becomes a revolutionary leader, in the forefront of the taking of the Bastille. He is described
      as "a man of strong resolution and set purpose."

THEOPHILE GABELLE :  "a small southern man", he was servant of the St.Evrémonde family, also a post -
       master and a "taxing functionary". He is taken prisoner during the revolution and begs Darnay to rescue him.

GASPARD: a parisian laborer. He murders the marquis whose carriage runs over and kills his child.

JACQUES : 1,2,3,4 : alias for a group of revolutionaries. Their leader, Ernest DeFarge, is Jacques 4.

JARVIS LORRY : Confidential senior clerk at Tellson's Bank. He describes himself as "a man of business"
     and at first tries to keep his relationships on a level of business only, but as he becomes better aquainted with
      Dr. Manette and his family, he becomes their loyal and trusted friend.

DR. ALEXANDER MANETTE : Doctor from Beauvais. After 18 years in the Bastille, he has become a
      mental wreck. He recovers with the help of his daughter, Lucie. "Sudden and fitful", in times of great stress
      he suffers relapses similar to post traumatic stress syndrome.

SOLOMON PROSS : Miss Pross' long lost brother.Alias John Barsad. A spy with a disreputable character. He
      testified against Darnay in London;he later became a spy against the revolutionaries in France.

MARQUIS ST. EVRÉMONDE : 1&2 : twin brothers. One was the father of Charles Darnay, the other was
        his uncle.  Darnay's uncle kills a child with his carriage but is concerned only with his horses. They were both
        totally corrupt, contemptuous and cruel; the cause of much suffering for many.

CHARLES ST. EVRÉMONDE : Son and nephew of the above. He rejects their lifestyle and his inheritance
        and moves to England. He supports himself as a tutor of French language and literature, preferring that to
        "living on the industry of the overladen people of France".

THE SEAMSTRESS: A small but important part. She is about 20, with a "sweet,spare face in which there is no
         vestige of color." She meets Carton at the Conciergerie as they are being prepared for their ride to the
          guillotine, and Carton encourages and comforts her.

C. J. STRYVER : Barrister who defends Darnay in court. He is "stout,loud,red,bluff". He is pushy and out-
        spoken. Not very bright, he depends on Carton to do his work, and owes most his success to his "jackal".

THERESE DEFARGE : Wife of Ernest DeFarge, she is shown as having "a watchful eye" and "great com-
        posure of manner". She leads the women during the revolution, and harbors a dark secret. She is always

LUCIE MANETTE : The Doctor's daughter who later marries Charles Darnay. She is the "golden thread "
        who holds everything together. Sweet- natured and submissive, "everything turned upon her, and revolved
        about her". More than once Carton said of her "God bless her for her sweet compassion."

MISS PROSS : Guardian and companion of Lucie. A strong, wild-looking woman, Mr.Lorry thinks she really
        must be a man in disguise. Absolutly loyal to Lucie, willing to die for her. She struggles with Madame
        DeFarge while trying to stop her from harming Lucie. Madame DeFarge is accidentally killed by her own
        pistol,and the blast deafens Miss Pross.

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