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        Lucie discovers that Mr. Lorry had brought her to England from France when
   she was two years old.

        Carton uses his resemblance to Darnay to save Darnay's life twice.

        Carton and Darnay look alike; Darnay's uncle and father were twins.

        The funeral Jerry Cruncher follows happens to be that of Roger Cly, whom
    Jerry saw at Darnay's trial. When he returns at night to rob the grave, he finds the
    coffin filled with paving stones and dirt.

        Dr. Manette is released from the Bastille to the custody of Ernest Defarge,who
    had been his servant years before. Defarge's wife happens to be the sister of the girl
    who died at the hands of the Marquis St.Evrémonde.

         Lucie Manette marries Charles Darnay, who happens to be the nephew of the
   Marquis who had her father imprisoned.

          The wife of the Marquis payed a visit to Dr. Manette, bringing along her young
    son Charles. So Dr. Manette met his future son-in-law.

           Carton just happens to show up in Paris at the right time.

          John Barsad, who happened to be a witness against Darnay in London, happened
   to be a spy in France. He was recognized by Carton and Miss Pross. Barsad turned out
   to be Solomon Pross, Miss Pross' mysterious brother.

          Barsad's fellow spy turned out to be "the late" Roger Cly. Jerry informed Carton
    of the fake funeral, and this information strengthens his plans to save Darnay.

        Carton happens to have enough knowledge of chemistry and medicine to purchase
   the ingredients to mix an anesthetic drug.

       Carton knows his way around Paris and speaks French so fluently that he can pass
   for Darnay.

       In Dr.Manette's prison journal, he denounces the evil Marquis and his descendants,
  inadvertantly condemming Darnay.

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