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 I know something about you: You love recongition. You thrive on it. Recognition is you life’s blood. I also know something you’d love to hear, preferably in front of a large audience: your website is wonderful, creative, and everything a good website should be. I would love to give you public recognition for you wonderful website, and I know you’d love to get it. So why don’t you apply to my award you I can give you


 your dues. Think about it. You’d have this lovely graphic to put on your page (don’t worry, your’s won’t say SAMPLE on it,) and you’d have your link listed her on this very website, and presto, instant self-respect. Sound good? Apply! Here’s what you’ll need to tell me via email:

    NAME: here you’ll put your first name or nickname. Not your really name.                   It’s dangerous to do that.

    WEBSITE: d’uh. I need internet address and web page title both.

    WHY YOUR PAGE IS GREAT: My website is great because of this nifty little award. . .blah blah blah

     EMAIL: yeah, you know what to put here. . .

     Warning: I will not except any XXX sites, or sites with dubious moral content, NC17 fanfic is ok.

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