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 In a recent interview, David Duchovny called the X-Files “Mulder’s Homeric Odyssey.” If Mulder is Odysseus, who is everyone else?

Penelope- Scully

Telemachus- 12-year-old post Samantha abduction Mulder

Athena- Marita (The UniBlonder) Covarrubias (sp?)

Hermes- Mr. X

Zeus- Well Manicured Man

Poseidon- Cigarette Smoking Man

Polyphemus- Agent Spender

Ampithrite- Mrs. Mulder

Alcinous- Mr. Mulder

Nausicaa- Samantha Mulder

Circe- Detective White

Calypso- Diana Fowley

Melantho- Phoebe Green

Eumaeus- Skinner

Eurycleia- Mrs. Scully

Elpenor- Pendrell

Theoclymenus- Clyde Bruckman

Irus- Ronnie Strickland

Melanthius- Tom Colton

Clytemnestra- Amy Cassandra

Agamemnon- David Cassandra

Eurymachus- Krycek

Suitors-Ed Jerse
Eddie VanBlundht

--Written by Leslie (Thanx!)


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