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Firstly, before I proceed, I will do the highly over-used and seldom believed statement of thanks. :ahem:   First off, I wanna thank God for giving me life everyday. If it wasn’t for Him I wouldn’t be here.”


… Really?


Now for what I really believe…..


God, you could’ve killed me a long time ago. Everyday I pray, and everyday I do the exact opposite thing that I say I won’t do. I say I’ll take time out for you to spread the word to other people…and I don’t because I’m scared people will think I’m a punk. I say that I’ll do my best to sin no more, and I do it anyway because it feels good then. Quite honestly, I don’t know why you’re wasting your time everyday to let me wake up and do the same crap over and over again. But, in spite of all that, you still give me chance…..after chance….after chance…..thank you so much. And you have my word that I’ll give my best effort to try and stop doing the things that go against what you want.


I finally understand that I cannot be perfect. I always knew it, but never understood it. Now I understand it. Now in the unforgettable words of Jack Nicholson in Batman I now echo his voice: “….I’ve taken off my makeup. Let’s see if you can take off yours.”


It isn’t my job to memorize the Bible and then recite it to you. I’ll leave that to ministers who are sucking are people’s minds dry as well as their wallets. You don’t need a church to find God. All you need is a prayer and the motivation. Does church help….it helps A LOT. But don’t let it become you’re crutch. Because if you’re church blows up, you’ll be back to square one.

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