I've been getting a lot of positive feedback on my previous essay about sex so for the benefit of new viewers, I have re-posted it below this week's discussion. but anyways...

Why are all fake Christians out there making sex seem like its evil? This boggles my mind to this day. Sex is not evil. Sex is abused. Just like the rest of God's creations have been perverted. God doesn't create evil. Evil is merely the reverse of good. And since makind's mindset had become reversed thanks to multiple reasons and events, sex has also been having reverse effects in our world. It has become a source of power, a source of money (what is that about?), punishment, ill consequence, humiliation, and very scary payback. All because of its abuse.

This is going out to all the fake Christians. God did not create the child pornography. God did not create downloadable rape footage. God did not create prostitution. God did not create, AIDS, syphilis, gonorrhea, HIV, and herpes. God did not create the idea that babies will keep your boyfriend around. So don't be so quick to put a label on sex as demonic, evil rooted, or not God-like. Besides what have you been doing to help it? Praying?? God already knows the problem so why are you praying. In case you forgot the words of Jesus "You can do all these things and GREATER!!" The power is inside of us. You want to solve a problem. Then do your part and solve it.

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Alright I've been on BP for a fair amount of time and have spoken with just as many people. It seems like today, sexual prowess is what makes you or breaks you as far as the "in crowd" is concerned. Well ladies and gentlemen, I'm hear to give my opinion. If you don't like to read, too bad.

I was on recently and I was in a chat room and there was one particular female who made a very disturbing comment as follows: "I only take 10 inch dicks and up." Excuse me???????? First of all, fellaz, if a girl ever tells you this, by all means pay her zero mind. Because number one, the only 10 inch she has seen in her life was on a porno and on a ruler. Number two, if she has seen one in person, by any chance, she probably got scared as hell. Furthermore, if for some reason she did not run away screaming, and decided to have sex with the poor guy, it wasn't fun. It just hurt. There are grown women, sexual veterans if you will, who will tell you that they themselves will 9 times out of 10 not have sex with a man with a penis that long. It can be very damaging when its THAT big. The average penis is 7 1/2 inches long. Ladies may come across an 8 or a little over 8 if they are lucky. If you want to call that luck. So fellas, if you don't have a 10 or 11 inch dick don't feel bad. You're wife will be very happy about that.

Next topic is about us guys. Now it's time to be honest. We really don't have to brag on the size of our unmentionable. It's pointless and most girls find it immature and quite gay.(Gay as in dumb, not homosexual.) To go on, let's stop pretending that we all have pythons. Some of us may, some of us may not but in the end, it really doesn't matter as much as we may think it does. A real woman, finds sex more pleasurable when its with the person she truly cares for. Of course, size does play a part, but not 100%. Not even 70%. If you truly care about your shorty, and you let her know that on the regular, the sex is good for her and she's probably not really worried. So, let's just lift that ridiculous burden on our shoulders that we think is necessary to carry around.



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