Alrighty then my people, our last topic was on how ignorant we sound when we talk at times. Stupid sounds we make and repetitive phrase that just sound plain dumb. Well right now I need to touch on the subject of attire. Well for starters I like the way some of us dress. U know we dress to suit how we feel we need to look and that's fine. Some fellaz like plaid shirts some girls like skin tight jeans and that's cool. However, there are some places where you shouldn't wear certain things, some things shouldn't be worn certain ways, and certain responses shouldn't be given when you have on certain things.

Numero uno, my beautiful black sistas. Ok let's get real for a minute. Some of y'all like to wear these jeans with words on the butt of the jeans. Like Baby Girl, Bootylicious, etc, etc. OK THAT'S FINE. If that's what you like then cool. But.............when a dude is looking at your behind, you don't exactly have the right to get mad and say something like "Stop lookin' at my ass!" Or get upset because he is looking. For starters, 9/10 we already looking. It's natural. But when you got this big word moving around on your behind, of course we gonna try to read it. So don't be gettin' all mad when we do that aiight?

Number two. The classroom scene. Girls I wonder if some of y'all think before you leave your dorm/house. You show up in class with this........this....skirt. This extremely short, black skirt. All I see is these lovely thighs and legs and calves. It's nice but it's also distracting. Bear that mind. Yes you can wear whatever you like but it's very distracting. Of course we don't expect you to stop wearing it. And you shouldn't stop wearing it. But, me personally, I feel like I should bring that to someone's attention.

Now to us the fellas. Come on y'all. What's up with our jeans? Esecially in New Orleans. Our jeans, our basketball shorts all seem to be hanging around the knee/shin area. Why? That looks hella bad and all it's doing is making the white folks (nothing against y'all of course) and the girls laugh even harder. Dressing like that is giving everyone the excuse they need to talk about black men. Recognize that. I, for one, am all for the baggiest jeans, but you can at least wear a belt and a huge shirt as not to look messy y'know? It's not hard. Just be mindful of some of that stuff.


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