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Greetings, Thank you for stopping by, for a person to list themselves on the internet, in various search engines, you also allow them to attach great advertisement to your site. Many of these sites have great products but PLEASE NOTE: THIS DOES NOT INDICATE OUR ENDORSEMENT of other breeders, people, services or products that go flashing by your eyes. Viewers and Buyers need to use their own judgment and do their own research.

EARTHSTAR © COLLIES since 1972<>

Collies are God's masterpieces in temperament and appearance, what's more is their unconditional love.
Life isn't always fair and dog breeding isn't perfect. Educate yourself. Puppies are their own reward. Mary Catoir.

I have 41 years experience loving collies. I am the EDUCATIONAL and CONTACT person in my state, the District Director for the Collie Club of America for the last 8 years. There is valuable information for you to read about how you should take care of your collie.


YES, I have One - 1.5 year old FEMALE(housebroken)for sale to the lucky individuals in August.
And TWO Males, one Sable and one Sable Merle Rough Coats, full and beautiful ready to go in Sept.
Check with me by email if interested. Photos available. catoir@bellsouth.net Also check with me to see WHO HAS Puppies or Young Adults Available. Those of you looking for pet companion, performance or conformation home. Please read all the advice that is freely given(see links at in middle of the page) on shopping on line.
Do not buy puppies sight unseen.
Remember Collie Rescue too in your search for a pet companions.

Collies are gentle, with great and individual personalities, high intelligence, they need moderate exercise, and regular grooming. They are great with kids of any age, adults, seniors too. They are a great companions but they are herding breed so they love to work and please you. They enjoy being with people and are very loyal family members. Easily trained.
Mail to: catoir@bellsouth.net Mary Catoir

Yes, enjoy the PHOTO ALBUMS of my dogs, those I have owned through the years.
First and foremost they are my pet companions, welcomed and raised as family.


Everyone is super concerned about HEALTH; Well, I am too. So here is a current Collie Health fact sheet update.
Those of you that don't know what the initial mean, see link at the bottom of page
Click on Link DEFINITIONS.

The newest offsprings and the results are:
1) Earthstar's Forever Charmed, aka Piper, ( sable bitch ) is Normal eyed carrier/PRA Clear / MDR1 N/N/ DM normal/clear/non carrier
2 ) Earthstar's Deja Vu All Over Again, aka Pheobe ( blue merle bitch ) is Normal eyed carrier/PRA Clear / MDR1 N/N/ DM normal/clear/non carrier
3) Earthstar's Earthstar's A Paige from the Past, aka Paige ( Tri bitch ) is CEA Grade one CEA,carrier/PRA Clear / MDR1 +/- / DM normal/clear/non carrier
4) Earthstar's Whitelighter, aka Leo( SableMerle Male) is CEA Grade one CEA,carrier/PRA Clear / MDR1 +/- / DM normal/clear/non carrier
5) Earthstar's Here Me Roar at Wall Street, aka Thunder ( tri male )is Normal eyed carrier/PRA Clear / MDR1 + /- / DM normal/clear/non carrier

The above five pups were sired by Earthstar's Master Jeweler, aka Winston and Earthstar's Irish Cream, aka Colleen. These are her last puppies what a great legacy to send to the future.

OUR wonderful pet companions and show dogs are:
a) near Ch.Earthstar's Master Jeweler, aka Winston is Normal eyed carrier/PRA Clear / MDR1 N/N/ DM normal/clear/non carrier / OFA Excellent hips owned by Anna Marie Catoir

b)Ch.Earthstar's Charlie Brown is Normal eyed carrier/ PRA Clear / MDR1 N/N / DM normal/clear/non carrier / Good hips owned by Earthstar Collies

c) Gr. Ch. Earthstar's Comsic Astroid, aka Astro is Normal eyed carrier/ PRA Clear/ MDR1 N/N /OFA Excellent hips; DM Clear/ non carrier. Owned by Paula Dennis

d)Ch. Earthstar's Dancing On Clouds, aka DOC is Grade 1 mild CEA / PRA Clear/ MDR1 N/N /Excellent hips /
DM and GCS non carrier. Owned by Mary Catoir

*Charlie and Doc are eleven years old / Winston and Astro are four years old

d)Scotty is a Sable Merle male /Grade 1 mild CEA/ PRA Clear/ MDR1 -/+, Good Hips and DM Clear/ non carrier.

e)Grant and Duke Rich Sable Mahogany Color / Grade 1 mild CEA, Pra clear, MDR1 +/-, Good hips and DM Clear/non carriers.

*Please note: Astro, Duke, Grant and Scotty are all sons of "CHARLIE".

Colleen is there dam has produced ten puppies and still living .. totally healthy puppies.




Dog showing, dog grooming is my hobby. Most of our collies have passed on, they live in God's hands now. We have this website as a PHOTO SHOWCASE. The past and present can be seen in photos thru the many pages listed here,see our performance stars; Titles at both ends. Families love sending us photos and we love sharing their photos with you.


I own mostly males. Puppies occasionally.

I can educate you and may help you with your search.

Our stud dogs have produced some outstanding puppies for their owners,check in with me by email, catoir@bellsouth.net, to see who may have puppies available.

I can offer advice and help many times with your hunt for collie puppies. I do not recommend that you buy without seeing the dogs in person at the home of the breeders that maybe selling. Also shipping is not an option.

Check out our other pages filled with information and photos. Also visit those collies that have passed on.

ABOUT US .. click here

The PRESENT .....click here

OUR BOYS.... click here

OUR GIRLS ...click here

Performance Stars

The Past Gone but not forgotten, including RETIRED champions.
(Pages take longer to download)

Friends and Family.
(Takes two minutes to download)

Health Issues and Hints
Sharpen up your knowledge

DEFINITION for Health Conditions or Disease sometime referred to with only initials.

ADVICE long and detailed;
I can possible help you in your quest for a great stud dog or a loving pet companion.

Do yourself a big favor read what I have in this section.

Use regular email to contact me. Catoir@bellsouth.net *****************************************************************************************************

OUR COLLIES do it all

Certified therapy dogs, seizure alert dogs, nursing home and reading to children library assist dogs, obedience, herding, working and conformation performers.

2012 Puppies born in Germany now are being shown in both conformation and working as herding and stock dogs.

Dogs are an important part of our society and meets needs that are beneficial to our community and enhance people's lives.


The Wall Street is proud to show off their puppies BORN in Germany. Their Wall Street / Earthstar litter has been named after constellations / planet / asteroid - see their celestial bodies floating around in outer space.

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Whooooooooooooooooooo Thank you Doro and Marc


Here is a SABLE MALE Rough (long hair) 11 weeks old born in Germany and lives in FINLAND

HERE we are all grown up placing 2nd out of an entry of 28 dogs at our first official dog show. Result: JUN EXC1, CQ, BD2, Res. CAC (Junior class, Excellent, 1st place, CAC quality, 2nd Best Dog, Reserve Certificate)
Judge was John Bond from Ireland. Judge's review:
Wall Street´s Fantastic Fernando, aka Vallu
Bite correct. Very nice head. Very good ear set. Nice dark eye, proper good shape. Nice neck. Very good shoulders. Nice short back. Good strong quarters. Correct feet. Coat in good condition. Movement very good.



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All photographs and art work are original works done by Mary and Anna Marie. Reproduction is prohibited. Copyright © 1972-2014
Earthstar Mary Catoir

I insist that all dog here must have excellent temperaments that they get along with children as well as adults. Friendly, sweet and loyal. Easily trainable for working farms and service work.

Use regular email to contact me. Catoir@bellsouth.net

Reproduction is prohibited. Copyright © 1972-2014 Earthstar © Mary Catoir

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