The ABCs of Sunnydale

Buffy Absalom:

Debut -- When She Was Bad (Season 2)

Died Same Episode

Absalom kinda reminds me of Pork 'n' Beans Vamp. They both have that archaic, Biblical way of speaking. Now that I think about it, Absalom does sound kinda Biblical, too. However, Absalom dresses a bit differently than Pork did; he wears a shirt -- in fact, he wears a vest over his frilly-looking shirt...

Absalom is The Anointed One's overseer of sorts. He rallies all the other vamps to do The Anointed's bidding. Basically, the vamps are ordered to go dig up The Master's bones so that he may be brought back to life. Or would that be death?? Anyhoo, Buffy meets up with Absalom & the Fang Gang -- this is a term that Buffy coined in the episode Angel when a gang of vampires, The Three, were waiting outside of Buffy's house; the term hasn't been used since, but I like it -- when she goes to stop the ritual. Absalom is wielding a sledgehammer at Buffy, but she stops him by taking one of those lighted torch things and setting him on fire. No more Absalom, though the sledgehammer remains intact! Only time will tell if we'll have another Biblical-type vamp on the show...

A Sort-of-non-Biblical Line:
"Your day is done, girl. I'll grind you into a sticky paste, and hear you beg before I smash in your face." -- to Buffy, during the sledgehammer-wielding.

For a vamp dress comparison, see the dress section on Dalton's page. You can also check out dress descriptions for The Gorch Brothers, Pork 'n' Beans Vamp, The Three, and Mr. Trick.

Allan Allan Finch:

Debut -- Homecoming (Season 3)

Other Season 3 episodes: Lovers Walk; Consequences

Died -- Bad Girls (Season 3)

Not sure what to make of this guy yet...if he's a toady with a conscience or just Mr. Jittery or what. Apparently, he works for The Mayor, so he could be bad...verry bad. He seems frightened of the mayor though.

Anyhoo, Allan tells the mayor about some new folks in town, namely The German Brigade, aka Frederick & Hans Gruenshtahler. Allan fills the mayor in on all of their atrocities (which you can read about on their character page, 'cause, you know, I made them one).

Allan also has to deal with the mayor's cleanliness-freakiness tendencies. He thinks it's odd that the mayor wants to see his hands, to check them for dirt. Frankly I think that's weird too, but we'll get to that on the mayor's page. Assuming I ever get it done.

Allan leaves the mayor's office, and that's all we see of him. So he's like, Information Guy.

In Lovers Walk, Allan breaks the news to Richard Wilkins (aka The Mayor) about Spike's reappearance in Sunnydale. He asks the Mayor what he should do, and then says that he'll get some folks to take care of the problem. Basically, he calls in the vamps, Spike's old minions, to take care of him. Too bad it doesn't work. I bet Allan didn't get canned over this, though. There's something to be said for loyalty to your boss, even if he is an indoor-golfing demon worshipper.

Okay, it figures. Just when they totally humanize the guy, they have to kill him. I mean, in Bad Girls, Allan joins in the conversation that The Mayor and Mr. Trick are having about comic strips. Allan says he likes the strip Cathy. Anyhoo, when he learns that there may be trouble in Sunnydale (surprise), he tells the Mayor that maybe they should cancel or reschedule the dedication ceremony that the Mayor's going to have. But no dice. He also doesn't know how one of those vamps got in the Scary Cabinet that is in the Mayor's office.

So later, Allan meets his terrible fate when he's out walking the streets of the 'dale. He has no idea that the Slayers are on a rampage, and he walks across the wrong alley. It's too late for Faith to stop her stake from plunging into his heart I guess. And he just dies. It was grisly. Blood everywhere. Ironic, from his point of view, I bet. In a town like Sunnydale, he dies by the Slayer's hand. No one calls for help, but later Faith returns to the scene. We learn from her later that she got rid of his body somewhere.

Allan is the first real human to die by a Slayer's (Faith's) hand. That we've witnessed, that is.

Post-Death Appearance

Allan gets the dubious honor of appearing in an episode post-death. I love when that happens.

In Consequences, Buffy's got Allan on the brain. He figures into one of her nightmares, where he's trying to keep her underwater. Like, he's a weight on her mind or something. Anyhoo, we also get to see Allan's office. First when the Mayor and Mr. Trick are in there going through his files, with the paper shredder. Then we see Buffy and Faith in the office. Apparently, this show is big on showing the old photos on a desk reminded me of Principal Flutie's death in The Pack.

Anyhoo, Buffy seems to believe that Allan was seeking the slayers out to ask for help; the missing files seem to lend some truth to her idea.

We learn (or I did, anyway) more about Allan in this episode. His last name is Finch, and he was the deputy mayor.

Anyway, his death marks one thing: no, I'm not talking about the division and/or characterization of the Slayers, I mean..the Sweeps!

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