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The action or process of clearing forests

Did you know, that 50,000 species of plants and animals become extinct every year due to deforestation? That means that every 12 minutes, a whole species of plant or animal is entirely wiped out from its existince on planet Earth. Also due to deforestation, 2.47 acres of forests, or about 2 football fields, are cleared every single second. That's equal to 78 million acres of trees dissapearing from Earth's surface every year. By the time you've finished reading this, 74 acres of rainforests and their millions of inhabitants, have been bulldozed, shriveled up in widely spread fires, or washed away in eroded soil. Deforestation is a major problem all around the world. Now that deforestation has continued for so long, only a mere 2% of Earth's surface is covered with rainforests.
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