Naima (SW for Between the Lines)

Gab and Xena came across Naima as she was about to be killed. Her husband had died, and accordingly, she was to die with him. This is called a Suttee. A suttee was said to expiate the sins of both the husband and wife and ensure their reunion beyond the grave. This practice was popular in India for at least several centuries. The British, in their time in India, tried to stop the ritual. It was abolished by law in 1829. But there are still some cases of widows burning themselves along with their husbands in the 20th century. The practice of killing a favorite wife on her husband's grave has been found in many other regions of the world. The Thracians, Scythians, ancient Egyptians, Scandinavians, the Chinese, and people from Oceania and Africa.

Gab and Xena got Naima away from the funeral pyre and hid her in a house, while the people who were going to burn Naima chase after them. Naima tells Xena that her soul is in danger, because of something in the future. Naima sends Xena into the future. When Gabrielle finds out, she demands to be sent into the future to help Xena. Naima agrees after relizing how important Xena is to Gabrielle. First, Naima gives Gab the secret weapon. Mehndi. Naima tells Gabrielle that the mehndi paste will be waiting for her in the future, and sends Gab to Xena. Soon after, the mob breaks though the door, and restarts the suttee.

As soon as the mob tosses Naima on to the funeral pyre, Xena, Gab, Alti, and Naima jump out. Alti and Xena begin fighting, and Xena is losing the fight until Naima comes and her mehndi begins to glow. Then Xena relizes the mehndi is the key, and defeats Alti with Gab and Naima's help. Naima then disappears into light, and has not been seen since.

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