The real legend of Tataka is something like this: From Eric Chor(from whoosh) Tataka or Taraka as she is most often called, is one of the Rakshasas, hideous demons who plagued the Devas (gods). Taraka was enormous and ugly, with a human skull for a necklace and sharp claws on her fingers. She was encountered when young Rama, an incarnation of Vishnu the preserver, went out on a quest with Vishwamitra the sage and Lakshmana, prince of Kosala, to destroy the demon Ravana, king of the Rakshasas. The story is mentioned in the great epic of Rama, called the Ramayana. "Next day the sage led the two princes towards a dark and fearsome jungle haunted by numerous beasts of prey, in which dwelt the terrible Rakshasa woman named Taraka, mother of Maricha; she was mishapen and horrible, and continually ravaged all that country. Rama twanged his bow to challenge her, and she came towards the princes roaring angrily and throwing boulders. Because she was a female, the sons of Dasaratha (the king) were reluctant to cause her death. Rama shot arrows and cut off both her arms, and Lakshmana deprived her of nose and ears. She immediately changed her shape and became invisible, but by the power of sorcery continued to cause many stones to fall in showers about the young heroes. Vishwamitra urged Rama to slay her, and, guided by sound alone, he shot a great arrow which caused her death. Then the sage rejoiced greatly, and embracing Rama kissed his head.

The Tataka on Xena

Tataka is detailed on Xena as a beautiful maiden who charmed many men with her healing powers but led them to their slaughter by Rama. Tataka- Demonic Indian goddess. "A real pearl." She'd win the favor of her people by doing good deeds before ultimately victimizing them. While visiting India, Gabrielle's body was invaded by an evil spirit, (Tataka). Tataka's control over Gabrielle was so subtle, it almost fooled Xena. In an impressive "Battle Royale," fans were entertained by Gabtaka's exotic fighting style. Finally, Xena defeated her and with the help of a healing Devi(Eli), exorcised her demonic spirit from Gabrielle. Where Tataka went after leaving Gab's body, we don't know. It could be possible that it is in another human, or could have gone to where it came from.

Little Interesting Fact

The rope trick Eli did at the begining of the episode was/is actually a very common trick for magicians to do. There was a TV show about levetation I watched about a week ago. The rope trick was captured on video, and proved to be a fake. But there are still people who do it, and claim to do it, that are legit. Also, the way that Eli does the rope trick with his assistant is considered the classical version of the rope trick. Where the assistant climbs up the rope, dissapears, falls down in pieces, and is put back together. No one in this lifetime has ever done, or claimed to have done, the classical version of the rope trick.

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