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5/9/02 Some happier news for the remaining Xenite comminity: Lucy has given birth to her third child, a boy named Judah Miro Tapert. To read more about his birth, go to the following web pages. Congrats to Lucy and Rob!

Yahoo news

AP news

Also, Lucy has appeared in the "Spiderman" movie as a red headed punk, so look out for our favorite warrior mom.

2/17/02 With the ending of Xena, many pages have began to fade into oblivion, and I know mine, as well, has shared this fate. However, with the passing of Kevin Smith, well-known throughout the Xenaverse as Ares:God of War, we can bond together for one last moment, as we grieve for this talented actor. Articles about his death can be found at:

Variety TV


New Zealand Herald Online

Dead Characters Poll
Who do you most want brought back to life?

Lao Ma


Xena quote/phrase/dialouge of the week:

"No, We got OUR daughter back."


-5th season Finale

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Gallery of every single outfit Xena has ever worn

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Mantras-The Mantras Gallery is basically this: Pictures with a quote written on it. EX: A pic of Joxer has the "Joxer the Mighty" song sprawled over the picture. It knida neat. I made all of them and feel free to take and use any of them. Just don't give yourself credit, please.

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